Some Health Insurance Providers Don't Include Sports Physicals

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Many of the major health insurance carriers in the United States allow for a Physical each year, but you need to check with your carrier to see if that includes Sports Physicals. Often times sports physicals are not covered since the doctor may bill them differently than the regular physical.

Who pays for physical health insurance

It is good practice to get a physical, you just need to understand who is paying for it. Like many billable insurance services you should always compare your out of pocket expense with what the doctor calls the cash option.

Many doctors have a insurance rate and a cash rate. In fact, if you have a prescription next time you are at the pharmacy before you present your health insurance card ask what the cash rate is. You will find that some cash rates are less than you would have spent out of pocket using your insurance deductible. You will also want to ask about the 90 day supply vs. the 30 day supply. I have found on prescription I take had a $25.00 co-pay that I would pay every 30 days. I asked how much it would be if I did not use my insurance and paid cash they said $15.00. Better than that I asked about the 90 day supply and they said $21.00. So over a 90 day period I was able to save $54.00 by paying cash vs. using my insurance card. Paying cash also saved my insurance company too, and did not go against my plan benefits when I really needed them.


You will find the same thing holds true with maternity. My first baby was born underinsurance and I paid $400 total but the insurance company paid close to $18,000 for that expense. My second child we did not have insurance so we ended up paying $5500.00 cash for everything, including the OB visits. We were able to make payments to the hospital and the OB over 24 months . We had insurance for the 3rd and 4th child, but we opted out of the maternity benefit that was over $150.00 additional each month saving over $18000.00 and working out payment plans for a fraction of the cost paying with cash.

We are in the middle of a health care crisis, but we the users of the system are partly to blame. If everyone questioned the cost of their medical expenses line they do their car repair, or grocery bill things would not be so out of control.

You can be a smart consumer, and save yourself money if you take the time to understand the system.

Written by Jeff Cline - The Policy Store.