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Soccer Can Be A Fun Exercise If You Can Make Trickshots Like These

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Best Soccer Trickshot

This Australian teenager, named Jed Hockin makes the most outrageous soccer trickshots making soccer look like a really fun exercise for teens.


"G'day guys, in this video YOU will see The Most OUTRAGEROUS Soccer/Football Trick shots EVER put into an insane compilation! They include CRAZY air rabonas, EPIC long range bin shots and a whole lot more! I really hope you enjoy - A LIKE & SHARE would be greatly appreciated! Thanks," wrote Hockin on his Youtube page while posting this video of really amazing soccer trickshots.

These are probably one of the best soccer trickshots that I have ever seen, besides the famous one by David Beckham on the beach that went viral in 2011. They reminded me of Beckham's long shots on the beach that i believe he made for a commercial. And I believe it was for Pepsi.

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But Hockin is so good on this that I think a local soccer team should pay attention to him. May be he will become the next Messi for Australia. Indeed these trickshots make basketball look so easy. Don't they?

Playing soccer is a good and fun way to exercise. Playing soccer is one of the best ways to lose weight. "According to one study, playing soccer actually burns more fat than running. The results show that playing two to three rounds per week with one hour devoted to each round can lead to health and training benefits. They include lower body fat, increased muscle mass, lower blood pressure and better fitness ratings," reports Lana Bandoim of EmaxHealth.

Soccer is also one of the best 50 Ways for Kids to Exercise - Indoors Or Out.

And here is the Beckham's beach trickshot too, in case you wanted to watch it as well.