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Slow Weight Loss Vs Fast and Rapid Weight Loss: You Didn't Gain Fast

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I am in the middle of our family vacation and I am seeing myself in the photos and I want to cry. I think "how did I let myself get so big?" I want to get home so I can start losing weight. I started looking at ways to lose weight fast. Bad idea right? Slow and steady weight loss is better, right?


This question was asked yesterday in Low Carb Healthy and Losing it Original group on Facebook and generated some very interesting comments. The discussion may be useful for those people who are in the middle of deciding fast weight loss vs slow weight loss. Usually, people say the slower you lose weight and slower you will gain, and the faster you lose weight the faster you will gain. You need to change your lifestyle, mentality about food and live a different life to make it permanent.

Here are some useful comments from the discussion of fast vs slow weight loss.

Lose Weight Slowly

When it comes to weight loss go slow and steady. Enjoy your vacay and use pics as a reference for when you do start to lose!! Took me 6 mos to lose 22lbs but so worth it. - Melissa Steven.

I did the same with my weight loss. I got home and started the Keto diet. I lost 12 lbs. I lost the water weight the first week. Then I lost 27 lbs total in 5 weeks. Last Friday made me one year and I am down 60 lbs: tight 14 to a size 8. I am 57 years old! Look up Jason Fung on YouTube and Dr. Adam Nally. - Linda Smith-Manns.

Eating low carb is a lifestyle, not a quick fix so you can go back to old way of eating after your weight loss. That never works. If you are mentally ready, the low carb is the way to go - you are in the right group for support and encouragement. Here is an excellent site for you to start with, and I'm not a supporter of manufactured low carb foods, so just eat REAL food. Don't do it slowly. If you are going to eat low carb, then jump in with both feet. - Lisa Geisler. Here is a simple plan to follow a Low Carb Diet for those who don't know how to get started.

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You Didn't Gain Weight Fast

We didn’t gain weight fast. We gotta lose it the right way. Some people drop fast, others are slow and steady (me). Just focus on small goals. I still drink some wine or cocktails. After a bit of weight loss, my hubs and I joined a gym. We go 3-4x a week now. We also got personal trainer sessions for accountability and better teaching of how to work out and challenge us. - Julie Fawcet.

More Details Advice for a Slow Weight Loss

First thing is to address you diet try to get the majority of your meals from unprocessed food, I always say a good template is Paleo...ish, where the majority of your nutrition is from natural foods, however they do cut out, legumes, and most starchy carbs, but I don't think this necessary as long as you are in a caloric deficit I have no problems of eating sweet potatoes, and having brown rice, lentils and beans etc.

After that try doing full body workout circuits that uses compound exercises, an example of a very effective compound movement is the dumbbell / kettlebell swing. Not only will it get you lean but it will improve your cardiovascular, your athleticism and your endurance and a lean body is a by product of all of these things.

Also try intermittent fasting, it is very potent in its effect when it comes to weight loss, the most popular protocol is fasting for 16 hours and having a 8 hour eating window, what I tell people who are new to fasting is to 'Sleep the fast away' and what I mean by this is to Try to make most of your fasting window during your sleeping hours, for example have your last meal at eight o'clock and you go to bed at ten and then lets say you wake up at seven that means you have five hours left of fast and then you'll be going about your daily chores so you shouldn't feel the hunger by the time its time to eat it should be about 12 o'clock or 1 o'clock. - Forge Fit.

Please, join our discussion below and share with us how fast you gained weight and how slow you lost it. You can make your voice heard in the comments section below.