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Six Reasons Why Why Top 10 Lists Are So Popular

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Top ten lists

List making has benefits. List making creates order, prioritize things, helps you to feel productive and even relieves stress while reading a story or doing something. But these are not the only reasons top 10 lists are so popular


Today I read an interesting discussion at Aspies Central, an Asperger's and Autism Community, in which one of the members started a discussion discussing the benefits of making lists.

Here is what she writes, discussing the benefits of list making.

Do you like lists? If so, what sort of lists? Do you like making lists, or reading them, or both? Is it an Autism Spectrum Disorder thing to like lists? Here's a list of the reasons why I like lists:

1. I find it much easier to read information if presented as a list, rather than a text.

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2. I have a preference for lists going down the page, rather than across.

3. It helps me to organize my thoughts and prioritize if I make a list.

4. It helps me to remember information if I make a list.

5. I have a thing with data/stats/numbers, watching them decrease or increase.

6. Lists are fun. I love reading top ten lists, statistics, sites or blogs with lists of things in categories. I like using sites or apps that allow you to create your own lists, or which generate lists and statistics from the data you put in, like a database, for example, RYM or Last.fm.

People also like lists when they shop for groceries. How about you? What benefits lists have for you? Please, share your thoughts in the comments section below for discussion.