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She Was Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis a Minute Ago

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Girl diagnosed with multiple sclerosis

This is a moving story of a young girl, who moved to North Carolina for graduate school and found out via phone that she has Multiple sclerosis.


For about three years I suspected I had Multiple Sclerosis when small random parts of me went numb just after I moved to North Carolina for Graduate School. It would be a part of a foot or an entire leg. It never hindered me and it was mostly just annoying.

3 weeks ago I went numb from my chest down as well as lost feeling in my hands. At this point, I realized I couldn't really avoid it anymore and needed to be checked out. I finally received my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis via phone call and was told I have numerous lesions in my brain as well as my upper and lower spine with two that are currently inflamed. The diagnosis as much as I didnt want to hear it, wasnt shocking as my mother, aunt, and uncle were also diagnosed with MS and live with it daily.

I have to have 5 days of steroids pumped into me to try to decrease the current inflammation. Thankfully I have a job I love and health insurance that comes along with it. I honestly have no idea what to expext or if I should begin a drug regimen to avoid further lesions. Hopefully, some, if it can help me to deal with all of this.

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