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She did not take medications because it was "too expensive" and died of "flu" less than a week later

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Heather Holland flu

Texas teacher named Heather Holland, aged 38, died of complications from the flu after she decided to give up medical treatment because she considered the 116 dollar Tamiflu "too expensive."


The complications from flu-like disease led a 38-year-old teacher to the hospital where she died after a septic shock. The cost of the medicine that was prescribed is $116.

Heather Holland, of Weatherford, Texas, reportedly fell ill last Monday and two days later was diagnosed with the flu. According to Fox News, doctors prescribed Tamiflu, an antiviral drug that costs approximately $116.

However, according to a statement by Holland's husband, cited by the Daily Mail, the mother of two thought that the medicine "cost too much" and decided not to take it.

The teacher's symptoms worsened on Thursday and then she decided to take the medication, but the situation didn't improve and the flu didn't get better.

On Friday night, Holland was rushed to an intensive care unit.

She suffered a septic shock and died Sunday morning, leaving her 10 and 7-year-old children orphaned, according to local media.

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The victim of the disease was described by her husband as a "passionate woman, who devoted all her life to helping others, and loved by children".

The Weatherford School District informed through a statement that the Bose Ikard Elementary School, where Holland worked, was thoroughly cleaned, as were other schools in the district.

Steps to Avoid The Flu

  • Cover your mouth and nose with your inner elbow or upper sleeve when coughing or sneezing.
  • Keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Wash your hands often, with soap and water.
  • Don't share cups, water bottles or eating utensils.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, this flu season is on its way to becoming one of the worst in history.

So far, more than 53 deaths have been recorded in children. Among these is the minor Dylan Winnik, from Florida, who unexpectedly died last month, after presenting symptoms related to a cold.

Do you feel that this year's flu season is the worst in the past decades? Please, share your opinions in the comments section below. Also, do you think a medication to treat flu should cost 116 dollars in the 21st century?

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The generic drug is less expensive. Why aren't doctors prescribing generic drugs? Also, does the Tamiflu work?
She was a teacher and couldn’t afford 116 dollars for Tamiflu. I feel sorry for her and her family.
My bet is that the packaging costs more to make than the Tamiflu. Why should a drug like Tamiflu cost 116 dollars in this day and age?
This was my friends kids teacher. Many of my friends on Facebook knew her personally. She taught at a school right down the road. She did take Tamiflu. And i wish they would release the autopsy reports after. That can tell you if they had an underlying issue. High blood pressure, diabetes, if they were on other medications, etc. they rule it as a flu complication just to scare. But yes she did take Tamiflu. And its so sad this is happening.
Tamiflu is nearly worthless anyway: it does NOT cure the flu! According to the official FDA prescribing information, in the BEST of cases it MIGHT reduce flu symptoms by one day IF it is taken within 24 hours of the first flu symptoms, and the side-effect profile is horrendous. I know people who took it and it made them sicker than the flu, and they swore they would never take it again. People are dying because their immune system overreacts, and their only shot at survival is to be hospitalized right away and pumped full of corticosteroids to suppress the virulent overreaction of their immune system. this is a totally bogus sob-story article, trying to blame lack of Tamiflu for her death.
Big pharma wins again! When will people realise most of these people are dying from the Tamiflu!!! My daughter got 1 dose of it 2 years ago and she went from sick to deathly sick within 2 hours. All She could do was lay there and blink for 10 orb12 hours. Stopped eating, stopped drinking, developed a croup cough. I didn't give her anymore and she immediately started perking back up after the next missed dose. NEVER AGAIN