Senior Medicare plans look good for 2011

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Today’s senior news finds drug plans to remain consistent to what seniors are paying this year. That is great news since seniors are probably taking this down economy the worst. Another note worth mentioning is new discounts on several brand name drugs for 2011, which should lend for money saving opportunities for seniors in 2011. As always see for rules and regulations.


Understand Medicare supplements options for seniors

As a senior or a care provide for a senior, it is a good idea to look into Medicare supplements. They sound a lot like children’s rhymes, but they are not child’s play. Understanding the options are very important, and checking the rates are confusing too. The plans are all the same from carrier to carrier, so if you buy plan N from one company that same N plan will have the same benefits typically be priced differently? It is a good idea to work with a professional insurance agent, who has gone through extensive training focused on Medicare Supplements. Shopping online can be confusing, and the government has put plans in place to help seniors understand their options but you can always visit the governments site at for the facts.

Some customers may not pay anything for additional or different benefits, but the price will vary by state and carrier so make sure you understand the plan before you buy it. Different enrollment time are set by the Government, and it is important to know those as well.


As a care provider myself, I am very grateful my 82 year old mother has a supplement. It has been a blessing to our family, considering how much she has used the plan over the last 10 years.

Seniors may also want to consultant their doctor, as they sometimes have prescription samples you may obtain and NO COST, which saves my family hundreds of dollars every month. The drug companies also have forms you can fill out and have your doctor sign, if you are low income that may help you save on your monthly prescription costs.

Like everything else, buyer be where. If you see something that seems to go to be true it probably is. Make sure you know the facts about your Medicare and supplemental options in 2011.

Written by Senior Care Agent Jeff Cline with Policy Store.


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