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Regular Ground Beef vs Organic Ground Beef: What's The Difference?

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Organic Ground Beef vs Regular Ground Beef

Is organic ground beef just as bad as regular meat, or is it at least a bit better?


In one of the Facebook groups called Natural Healing Plus Food I stumbled on the discussion comparing organic ground beef vs regular ground beef. What is the difference. Here is what the public says.

"No added poison, but red meat is a carcinogen itself," wrote a member, named Domenic, referring to organic ground beef. Indeed. This study from 2012 has clarified the link between red meat and cancer. It's actually the sugar in red meat, that is linked to cancer. Here are 12 things you may not know about red meat.

Usually organic beef or organic ground beef is grass fed. The labels usual claim that no antibiotics are added and no hormones are added. This is of course better than a meat with all of these "ingredients" in it.

Grass fed beef is what you want. It's not chock full of the hormones, etc. that are in a lot of our meats these days. In fact, some people, who rarely eat red meat, only eat read meat when it's organic.

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"That's the only ground beef I will ever touch. Regular ground beef is fed GMO corn, soy, and other toxins. You don't want to eat it. Buffalo is also good. Both are alkaline meats. Regular ground beef is acid," writes a user named Joyce.

A group user, named Dawn, has an interesting point. She writes that the key word here is no added, when it comes to organic ground meat. "Even grass fed cows get sick and stressed out. If you must eat meat and really want to be on the ball, find someone local and talk to them about their product. Ask to check out their facilities. It can be a family day out," writes Dawn.

Thus, when it comes to organic ground meat vs regular ground meat one of the most important things to keep in mind is that the organic is grass fed vs grain fed.

The organic meat, obviously, may be a little more expensive. And that's understandable. Also, some of them may have an odd smell and taste to it. But that's probably just because you are used to non grass fed beef. However, at the end of the day, should you consume red meat in your diet the organic is better because of no added antibiotics and hormones.