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Recommendations for Vegetarian Keto from Keto Diet Followers

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Vegetarian keto Meal with Nuts and Broccoli

I am going to begin vegetarian Keto. I am getting my fats from nuts, cheese, heavy whipping cream (HWC) and eggs. Here are some recommendations from the Keto dieters and challenges that they have encountered while on a vegetarian Keto.


Today I read an interesting discussion by Keto dieters at the Common Sense Keto group on Facebook, where they discussed the challenges of vegetarian Keto and made their own recommendations to those who want to begin a vegetarian Keto diet.

Some beginners of vegetarian keto say they are sticking to kale, spinach, arugula, chards, broccoli and other leafy greens. For proteins, they say they use nuts. Some nuts are lower in carbs than others so check. Pecans are good. Quorn is a good source of protein and an excellent meat replacement. But be careful because quorn has barley malt which is derived from grain. Also, quorn is not gluten-free. Quorn can be both soy-free and containing soy. But other people say carbs can add up quickly, especially with nuts.

People who follow vegetarian Keto say broccoli and spinach have a lot of protein. Those greens are packed with protein. I think you need to ensure you derive those plant proteins from a wide number of different plants and vegetables to get the full range. In fact, you can boost your protein levels with these 5 vegan recipes.

Keeping your carbs low on vegetarian is a feat but it can be done! Takes a while to get it right though. - Nibby Ryan.

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Vegetarian Keto is totally doable. It takes being a little bit more creative with foods to get macros right, but for me, it only took a couple days to get the hang of it. I am day 5 now and it takes me about 5 minutes to meal plan the day for myself (vegetarian) and my husband (meat eater): both on Keto. - Kiera Desmarais.

Eggs and Cheese in Vegetarian Keto

Many people consider eggs to be vegetarian too. Eggs are an active Keto diet ingredient. Many Keto dieters even use raw eggs in their Keto coffee.

You will get plenty of protein from eggs and cheese too so if you find yourself needing more fat use plenty of avocado oil and coconut oil. - Kyla Caroll.

Before I started Keto I was vegetarian. We decided we needed to add back white fish, salmon, shrimp, and tuna, since before we were getting it from beans. Broccoli and almond butter also have protein. I just finished my 1 st week and have lost 7 pounds. - Debbie Miller.

Overall, I would imagine vegetarian Keto would be relatively easy. Though, I have no idea how a vegan could be Keto. Do you know of anyone that does a Vegan Keto? If yes, please tell us in the comments section below how it can be done.