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Quick and Fast Keto Dinner Recipes and Lazy Meals

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Keto fast dinner for lazy people

What do you guys do for fast and lazy dinner recipes? This is a question currently being discussed in Keto Recipes Facebook group where the group members offer various types of quick and fast recipe ideas for high fat and low carb Keto dinners.


Here are few ideas from the discussion.

Some people suggest a left-over roast chicken diced up in bone broth with wilted greens on top is my staple. Others suggest just a salad as a quick dinner recipe.

Throw some shredded mozzarella in a pan top with your favorite pizza toppings and dip in low carb pizza sauce. "It's my favorite lazy go to meal. Good frying pan and good spatula! Let the cheese crisp a bit before you try to take it out of the pan," writes one of the Keto Recipes group members, named Rachel. Or put your cheese on a Silpat. Top with pizza sauce and other toppings. Bake til edges are crispy, suggest other group members.

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" I take some kind of meat, I usually have some cooked off and chunked in the fridge at all times, or luncheon meat and throw that on a big bed of spinach. I toss some cheese on top and nuke it for a few seconds until the cheese is melty. It's simple, fast, but a good dinner," writes Amanda in the group.

"This is my Lazy Keto chicken I found from caveman keto. 1 chicken breast fillet, top with shredded cheese, dice jalapeƱo slices and 4 strips of bacon. Bake at 350 for 20 mins. It's delicious. Salt and pepper to taste," suggests Michael.

Other people suggested Lettuce wrapped tacos. They say it's ready in 15-20 minutes. Or a meat and vegetables saute. By the way here are some Easy Keto Diet Breakfast Ideas That Will Keep You Full For 6-7 Hours.

"The other night I did turkey bacon mayo wrapped in romaine," wrote Vincent in the group. Other people suggested meatloaf or grilled chicken for a fast keto diet lazy dinner ideas.

What about you? What do you like to cook for a dinner that is quick, fast and with quality, not to mention the healthy part.