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Questions After Breast Cancer Is In Remission: Survivor Needs Advice After Treatment is Completed

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Breast Cancer Treatment

Galena Rose is a breast cancer patient who several days ago wrote on her Facebook page that she is in remission. However, new questions came up. What do you do when your breast cancer is in remission. This story will leave more questions than answers. Rose writes on her Facebook pages asking breast cancer survivors for advice after treatment is done.


I feel a bit lost. Like conventional is over besides one more surgery and that's it. No tests? No research? What is the best way to detox after so many Invasive carcinogens blasting my body. I want to have a stem cell circulating tumor cell test to see if I'm above a 2. Which apparently still means they can be active elsewhere. We don't even do a scan after chemo or radiation. Nothing?

How do we know our cancer is gone? Cancer is systemic. What do I do to prevent lung cancer due to radiation. It's like a ball and chain... if I don't do these treatments will I loose my life to cancer? Or if I do them will they be more harmful then good. It is so hard to know these answers. Does anyone know about the RGCC Greece test? How often do they use it for guidance? I've been told it's $3,000.

I wish Canadian would implements the chemo test I had in Mexico. It helped me to feel secure about chemo being effective for me. As well as the RGCC Greece test.

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Any cancer survivors have advise for after treatment is done? Feeling like my life is back to normal. But my old normal life gave me cancer. Right? What do I change?

I'm on loads of Kangan H20, turmeric and Chlorella to detox the radiation and chemo.

From Galena Rose's Facebook public page.

How would you answer these questions?

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