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Pure Joy With My 101 Year Old Mom - Tells The Son

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Elderly parent playing with snow

When you have a mother that is 101 years old, it is a good idea to keep the camera nearby for those special moments. If you are looking for good activities for your elderly parents, take them to places and show them the beauty of the mountains and nature.


The joy of enjoying your elderly parents is so sweet. Some times, the past can be even better when it feels like being a child again. This son made a video of her 101 year-old mother who enjoys playing with the snow. It's so touching.

"I have slowed the video down quite a bit, just so I have a time to give you a bit of a back story. With my mom we decided to check out the snow level as we were driving. A couple of miles from the town we run into it. I turned the car back to return, but before I could start it, the door opened and mom stepped out. When you have a mother who is 101 years old it's a good idea to keep a camera nearby for those special moments. This is one of those. Merry Christmas everyone."

You know what I really like about this story? At this age, when people children complain about the difficult relationships they have with their parents or the care they need to provide, this look at how this son enjoys the time with her 101 years old mother. I really love this type of relationship.

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For anyone who has aging parents, grandparents, etc. - this Christmas season or whenever you gather together - just have a phone set to record video or just audio. Get them to tell stories - talk about when they were young - ask the questions you have interest in. Now, you have them captured telling the story - making the snow ball - teaching you the secret ingredient to that special dish. Trust me, you're giving yourself the greatest gift you could ever imagine, commented a lady named Allison under this video. I agree, this is a great suggestion.

This is precious and I'm impressed at how easily she just leans down and touches the ground like that. Please cherish and love your parents.

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