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Promoter Says Mina Shakshuka Sauce Is a Versatile Pantry Must-Have

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Mina Shakshuka Sauce

Today I received an email from Madeline Familia of Trent & Company, Inc. informing me about the Mina Shakshuka Sauce. It looks very interesting as it derives from a North African dish. I decided to publish it for eMaxHealth readers and will update it after I try a sample myself.


Deriving from the legendary North African dish, Shakshuka sauce is the ultimate “everything sauce” for cooking eggs, protein, pouring over pasta or bread dipping—giving classic recipes new life while serving up savory traditional Moroccan flavor.

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Mina Shakshuka Sauce is carefully developed by Mina in order to provide an exotic experience with a homemade feel. The sauce originates from the dish, shakshuka, a traditional highlight of Moroccan cuisine. The dish is made of eggs cooked in a highly seasoned tomato sauce. Shakshuka comes from the word 'shakshek', which means 'shake' or 'jiggle' in North African Arabic. It refers to the action of mixing all the ingredients together in order to prepare this versatile and flavorful cooking sauce.

Mina’s special recipe uses only all-natural ingredients – red ripe tomatoes, roasted peppers, onions, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, cilantro, parsley, and a secret blend of 6 Moroccan spices. Simple, savory, and sizzling with flavor, Mina Shakshuka is the perfect way to polish off a plate. A versatile sauce, it can also be used on pasta, on pizza or to liven up a stew.

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