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Prepackaged Apple Slices vs Whole Apples: Money Saving Tips

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sliced apples vs whole apples

Sometimes when you see washed and prepackaged fruits in stores like Walmart you may think that they have done this for quick sale and the price is cheap, but when you compare prepackaged and sliced apples with whole apples or national brands vs store's brand, you will see that in many cases whole apples are cheaper and store brand's food is less expensive compared to national brand. Here are 3 money saving tips for busy moms when they do their grocery shopping.


If you are one of those moms who prefer to pack and use their clip coupons for buying prewashed and packaged fruits consider the following examples.

Prepackaged Fruits and Vegetables vs Whole Fruits and Vegetables

Specialists who always look for grocery deals for busy moms and blog about these topics suggest not to buy prewashed, precut and prepackaged fruits and vegetables. Take for example apples. One blogger from God Housekeeping searched and found that in one grocery store a 16-ounce bag of green apple slices was priced at $4. However, for the same four dollars you could have bought two more pounds of whole apples. Thus, in this case buying whole makes more financial sense than buying prepackaged.

Here are two more money-saving grocery tips from the same sources. Don't Miss this story by eMaxHealth reporter Denis Reynold discussing the the dark and ugly side of grocery shopping.

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Comparing The Cost of Cold-Cut Turkey

Usually store brand turkey or ham is cheaper than a national brand. This is more true especially when the store brand turkey is on sale. One food blogger found on-sale store-brand turkey, which was 3 dollars less per pound than a turkey from a national brand. Do you know how much you will serve per year if you shop smart? Even if you buy a pound of turkey per week, you will save at least 100 dollars per school year. That's a good saving moms. By the way, buying in bulk is the way to go to feed a family on budget.

Popcorn Snacks: National vs Store Brand

Now consider the snacks like popcorn. Many families buy them and use them. In some stores you will see store brand popcorn kernels for 5 cents per serving. On the other hand, you will also see that brand name single-serve bags cost 60 cents each. Imagine the difference. The national brand popcorn in this case is 12 times more expensive than the store brand popcorn.

Shop smart moms. Here is another tip jar advice on how to save on food.



I think it really may depend from store to store and from sale to sale. Me too, when I see precut apples or fruits, think that they are precut and prewashed for quicker sale, but now I realize they can be more expensive than the whole apples for example.