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Practical Nail Biting Treatment Advice That Most People Can Do

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Nail Biting Treatment

This morning I was surfing on Facebook and saw the following discussion on Natural Healing Plus Foods group regarding a young girl who was looking for a nail biting treatment advice. What does work as a natural nail biting deterrent? Here is what group members suggest. But first let's read her story.


A young lady, named Makaira, writes the following about her nail biting problem. "Guys I need help. I am biting my nails to nothing and butting the skin around my nails until I bleed. It hurts but I can't stop I have been doing this since I was five years old. Please, help me stop. Its worse then tobacco addiction. I want pretty nails and fingers. I have tried nail polish. I bite it off. I tried that nasty tasting nail biting deterrent. I have tried garlic. I can't do hot source because I love hot sources of any kind. What's going on? My fingers get infected. I wait until it heals and go at it again," she continues, asking for a treatment advice from the group members.

"I have been told to wear lightweight gloves until the habit stops," replies Bree, offering her advice as a temporary nail biting treatment. "Which is 21 days. But anyone who has this habit knows as soon as the gloves come off for one second you can't resist. That's why I'm following! I haven't found anything that works yet," she adds.

Shift Your Interest

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Another group member, named Kim, suggests a treatment incentive that will put your mind on something else and care for your other body parts such as teeth. "Consider how hard it is on your teeth, they do not grow back. Maybe that will give you some incentive. Or think about the germs that collect under your nails. I gave it up in 1968 and have had such nice nails since. Or figure what stresses you to do so," she adds. If one has stresses that cause nail biting, until some of these stresses are alleviated one will have a difficult task to treat nail biting.

A similar advice, but put in different terms, is given by another group member, named Remco. He writes that "Everything we do is energy as we direct our attention to something we pour our energy in it. If you and I would bake the same pie with the same ingredients using the same recipe, they would still taste differently because we each have put our own energy in the pie. That is how this works too. The energy of the nail biting is in your fingers and in you, it is something that keeps repeating itself and has become a habit."

Here is what helped another group member, named Alyssa. "Nail polish remover helped me once but I have been a nail biter since I was a kid too. Find something that tastes really bad and isn't harmful and put it on there, so your brain and body will connect that its gross and you shouldn't do it," she suggests.

Yet another person in the group suggests to wear gloves until your nails and cuticles are healed.

What would you recommend for a nail biting treatment? Have you had the same problem and what have you used as a deterrent?