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Post Hurricane Roofing Tips: Company Shares Reconstruction Guide

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Roofing repair

Look at your roof and take many pictures, recommends a New Jersey based roofing manufacturer, offering tips on post Hurricane Sandy roofing tips.

Many Americans are feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy and dealing with the destruction that has been left behind. Our homes' first measure of protection against rain and snow is the Roof. GAF, North America’s largest Roofing Manufacturer based in New Jersey, offers these tips for how to evaluate the damage that has been done to your roof in order to get your roof ready for the cold winter snow and sleet.

Look at your roof (or house) from the ground and try to identify any problems. Do so without going on the top of the roof. Do not put yourself in a dangerous situation. Be safe.

Take as many pictures as you can to document the damage, which you can see on your roof from the ground.

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Next you need to find out Your homeowners insurance company's procedure on claims. Call your Insurance Company and ask what is their particular procedure.

Do not climb onto the roof while it is wet. If it is dry do not do it unless you have a secure ladder with stabilizers and can do it safely. Let roofing specialists handle it. They are trained to do so safely and come with special equipment.

It is best to call a certified roofing professional to assess the damage and perform repairs is needed. Ask the roofing Company for information on their services and product as far as Warranty is concerned.

These guidelines and roofing tips for post hurricane Sandy repair were provided by Alyssa Hall, Marketing and Communications at GAF.

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I like this blog for putting their concerns on safety a top priority. Thanks for the tips, I'll make sure to do that and spread it to my neighbors.