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Diet and Weight Loss

These stories on diets are one of the best ways to lose weight and follow a healthy lifestyle as these stories are research based and resources provided. At EmaxHealth Diet and Weight Loss directory readers will find the latest news and research on the subject coming from the medical community.

Why Some Women Can't Stop Eating

why some women can't stop eating

Researchers have found an answer as to why severely obese women can’t stop eating, even when they aren’t hungry. According to Dr. Nancy Puzziferri, senior author of a new study from UT Southwestern Medical Center, their findings “may explain why some people with severe obesity report an underlying drive to eat continually despite not feeling hungry.”

These Weight Loss Success Stories Reveal an Important Point

An important point about losing weight revealed

Do you find that losing weight is just an impossible goal to achieve? Here’s a video about weight loss success stories of women who lost at least 100 pounds each, that reveals an important point when it comes to dieting and achieving your goals.

Create a Patchwork Diet That Works for You and Leave Guilt at the Door!

Patchwork Diet

Vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, pescatarian...the list goes on. Labels are all around us and have literally defined our identities since birth. But these labels don’t have to keep you confined any longer. It’s 2016 and we can customize absolutely everything in our lives at the touch of a button, so why not do the same for our diet?

Beer Calorie and Nutritional Info Brewing Soon

calorie nutritional information beer

No one I know drinks beer for its nutritional or health value, but plenty of brew drinkers who have an eye on the scale may be interested to know how many calories, carbs, and other nutrients are in each cold one they consume. That interest will be satisfied in the near future now that some of the biggest brewers in the United States say they will provide nutritional information on their products.

Fasting Seems More Difficult During Dinner, But There Are Things You Can Do To Help

3 day fasting

People who fast regularly for spiritual or dietary reasons sometimes say that fasting is more difficult during the evenings, during the dinner time than in the mornings or the afternoon. Why is this and what you can do about it.

Cacao and Coconut Oil: The Metabolism Boosting, Fat Burning, Focus Enhancing Duo

boosting metabolism

The benefits of cacao have been known for ages among the Incas in Central and South America where it was known as “the drink of the gods”. It has long been used to treat a variety of ailments, increase lifespan, boost energy, induce euphoria and even clear the skin. When paired with coconut oil, this magnificent duo makes getting healthy, tasty and incredibly rewarding.

Here’s How to Portion Control Your Food with Your Palm and Fingers, says Study

Portion control made easier with "finger" method.

Are you tired of trying to measure everything out for counting calories while on a diet? Researchers have developed an easy-to-use method to help people estimate surprisingly accurate portion sizes using only their hands to simplify dieting using portion control.