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Diet and Weight Loss

These stories on diets are one of the best ways to lose weight and follow a healthy lifestyle as these stories are research based and resources provided. At EmaxHealth Diet and Weight Loss directory readers will find the latest news and research on the subject coming from the medical community.

Genie Francis Gives Diet and Weight Loss Interview To Medifast

Here is another news of a movie actor or a celebrity going on a diet and sharing her experience on the media. Genie Francis now talks about medifast diet and how it helped her to lose weight quickly.

Medifast is a portion-controlled, low calorie meal replacement program, that helps you burn fat. It combines the two diet essentials- it works and it's easy to stick with.

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New Daily Diet Review Website Launched

Each year millions of people make a New Year's resolution to embark on a fitness program, adopt better eating habits and lose weight. Today, Sunkist is helping users achieve all of their important health and fitness resolutions by launching The Sunkist Daily Diet Review Website, a free online program that makes it easy to track calories and discover healthier food choices.

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