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Diet and Weight Loss

These stories on diets are one of the best ways to lose weight and follow a healthy lifestyle as these stories are research based and resources provided. At EmaxHealth Diet and Weight Loss directory readers will find the latest news and research on the subject coming from the medical community.

Facelifts for Bodies after Weight Loss Solves Sagging Problem

body facelift

For many, losing weight means gaining sagging skin - sometimes so severe that some may even regret ever having decided to lose weight. But there’s new hope for such weight loss patients with a type of facelift for sagging bodies called “body contouring surgery” that health experts say is on the rise.

Research Reveals Best Choice Afternoon Snack for Teens and Weight Control


Raiding the refrigerator is something every parent can count on in their teen’s daily life. But is your teen’s choice of afternoon snack the best one for not only mood and mental cognition toward studying later, but also maintaining control of their weight? Here is what one University study found is the best choice afternoon snack for teens.

Fast Facts about Blood Health and Diet


Blood is the biggest organ in our body and blood health is often overlooked. As a hematologist, I often get questions about diet especially whether there are special nutrients that would boost the blood counts. Although there is no one special food or diet that is known to be improving blood health, there are common nutritional problems that can be linked to low blood counts.

Why Parents Should Be Concerned about Body-Shaping Supplements Sold to Minors

Body-Shaping Supplements

A new study shows that many dietary supplement sellers are not only selling pills meant for adults to teens, but are also encouraging this dangerous pill popping behavior of minors by recommending specific brands. Find out now why you should be aware about whether your child may be taking dietary supplements on the side.

Contentious Weight Loss Drug Not Natural Warns FDA

weight loss

A contentious ingredient often hidden in weight loss drugs is in the spotlight again as the FDA begins to clamp down on makers of weight loss drugs who claim that the ingredients they are using are natural; and thereby, allowable by law. Here is what the FDA found with a listing of specific products, plus their cover names that you should watch out for in your weight loss supplements.

Avoid Being Skinny-Fat and Lose Weight by Doing More of This Rather Than Dieting

Lose Weight by doing more

Health experts tell us that when it comes to losing weight, the majority of us put our weight loss efforts into dieting. However, as it turns out, putting all of your effort into dieting alone is the biggest reason why most people fail. And, for those who do lose weight, many still look like what is referred to as being “skinny-fat.” To avoid having a skinny-fat body and lose more weight at the same time, you should be doing more of this one thing rather than just dieting your way to slimness.

Cold Brew Coffee May Be the Next New Health Drink for Weight Loss

Cold Brew Coffee for weight loss

Do you find that cutting out your iced mocha Frappuccino drink is just too difficult while trying to lose weight because your body really needs the caffeine to function normally? According to Shape magazine, the solution you need may be found by switching to cold brew coffee to assist your weight loss efforts.

Low-Carb Diet with This One Surprising Ingredient Increases Weight Loss by 10%


Low-carb dieting does work for weight loss. But did you know that for most low-carb dieters that their weight yo-yos back and forth after the first few weeks? Here’s news about a recent study where researchers found that by adding one surprising ingredient to a low-carb diet prevents this yo-yo effect and actually increases weight loss by 10%.