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Diet and Weight Loss

These stories on diets are one of the best ways to lose weight and follow a healthy lifestyle as these stories are research based and resources provided. At EmaxHealth Diet and Weight Loss directory readers will find the latest news and research on the subject coming from the medical community.

How fad liquid diets changed how we think about death

Green smoothy diet

Fad liquid diets are one of the most dangerous ways to lose weight. This type of crash diet can leave you without essential nutrients that you need to maintain your health. Researchers have also traced multiple deaths to liquid diets. Dr. Robert Linn’s the Last Chance Diet has been linked to 58 deaths, and variations of his methods are still dangerous.

Women at Risk of Breast Cancer May Want to Consider This Unusual Choice of Surgery

Weight loss surgery beats dieting over cancer prevention

Some women at risk of breast cancer opt to have a preventive mastectomy to protect their health. However, data from a new study may indicate that rather than having their breasts surgically removed, some women may benefit from a much less radical—and popular―type of surgery that could protect them from cancer as well.

Could Your Plastic Water Bottle Make You Fatter?

plastic water bottle make you fatter

It may be difficult to imagine how your plastic water bottle could make you fatter. However, new research has shown that the plastics component BPS (bisphenol S), which was designed to replace BPA (bisphenol A) in food and beverage packaging, enhances the development of fat cells in humans and seems to have as many health concerns as its predecessor.

Your biggest wins after weight loss surgery

Sometimes taking down one of the most serious health issues in the country takes more than diet and exercise. Another tactic in the fight against obesity is weight loss surgery, which is also known as bariatric surgery. This is a viable option for those who have a high body mass index (BMI), weigh 100 pounds or more in excess of a healthy weight and have been unsuccessful in losing weight using exercise or diet.

No Calorie Sweetener Splenda Linked to Leukemia

A new study has cast a large shadow on the no calorie sweetener Splenda, saying that it has been linked to leukemia and other cancers, at least in animals. Since this artificial sweetener is present in so many foods, especially those used by people who are trying to lose weight, is this latest information enough to get you to stop using Splenda?

How to exercise through the pain the right way for weight loss

If you are trying to lose weight, then you already know exercise is a vital component. However, how do you continue to exercise consistently if you suffer from pain? The Institute of Medicine Report from the Committee on Advancing Pain Research reveals that 100 million people suffer from chronic pain in America. In addition, millions of other people are forced to deal with pain caused by trauma or injury. Despite the prevalence of pain, you can continue to exercise by following a safe regimen.

Excessive weight loss comes with serious risks

Although some continue to search for magic pills or potions that keep them from gaining weight or help them lose it instantly, excessive weight loss is a serious issue. Many people over the age of 25 are concerned about their figures and worry about the number of pounds they have to shed to regain them. Unfortunately, some reach a point when dedication to a healthier lifestyle can turn into an obsession. If this happens, your health is at risk, and it may be time for an intervention.

Lose weight the fun way: Join a sports team

Although some people enjoy jogging on the treadmill or running around the block, many people do not love running. However, there is ample evidence that being physically active is a critical component of weight loss. This should encourage you to try cardio workouts, but you can do them in a different way. You can join a sports team because it has become the fun way to lose weight.