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Diet and Weight Loss

These stories on diets are one of the best ways to lose weight and follow a healthy lifestyle as these stories are research based and resources provided. At EmaxHealth Diet and Weight Loss directory readers will find the latest news and research on the subject coming from the medical community.

Stay hydrated: Summer drinks that will not pack on the pounds

Summer is coming, and this means you will soon be overheated and thirsty, especially at barbecues and other outdoor social occasions. Although water is always the healthiest beverage choice, what can you drink that will not flood your system with sugar and empty calories? You are not doomed to a summer of ice water and sugar-free lemonade.

Using Food as Reward Could Promote Obesity

food as reward could promote obesity

You see it quite often: parents who give their young children food (cookies, candy, chips) as a reward, a treat, an incentive to stop bad behavior, or to ease a bruised knee or other pain. Researchers from several universities in the United Kingdom have found that parents who use food in stressful or emotional situations may be setting their children up for emotional eating later in life, a practice that can result in overweight or obesity.

How massages help weight loss

If your weight loss battle is creating stress, then you may want to try a different approach. Massages can help you relax, but they can also help you reach your weight loss goals faster. Researchers have found multiple benefits from massage that include pain reduction and improved sleep. Now, more people are reporting the advantages of using this relaxation method to shed pounds.

Companies Put This Banned Ingredient in Their Weight Loss Workout Supplements

Weight loss supplement warning

Are you taking a weight loss workout supplement that contains a banned ingredient? You could very well be, according to a new study that found many supplement makers are using a banned ingredient legal in some countries, but illegal in the U.S. and not allowed for athletes involved in sport competitions.

5 surprising negative effects of a poor diet other than weight gain

Everyone knows that a poor diet leads to unhealthy weight gain. Although many people would love to shed a few pounds, they do not always recognize the negative side effects and symptoms related to junk food. If you need more motivation to eat better, here are some reasons why a poor diet can hurt you.

Ending obesity one healthcare provider at a time

Each person is responsible for their decisions and weight loss goals. The only person who can actually prevent obesity is you. You can choose what you eat, how often you exercise and what medications you take. However, there are many external factors that can also influence obesity prevention, and dedicated medical professionals are one of them.

5 crazy fad diets that might actually work

If you have been on the road to weight loss for a long time, you have probably encountered multiple fad diets. The majority of them are simply ploys to make the creators rich through marketing schemes. These diet companies pay celebrities exorbitant amounts to endorse their products and dupe even the most skeptical of consumers into trying their programs, but the customers quickly find out that it is a waste of time, money and effort.

Electronic vaporizers and weight loss promises

Electronic vaporizers and e-cigarettes have become popular alternatives to traditional cigarettes. In addition, there are reports that show people are using them to lose weight. Researchers have previously confirmed that nicotine can act like an appetite suppressant and is frequently used by some people to control their weight. However, the use of these products raises important questions about health and long-term effects.

Recognizing the challenges of weight loss with chronic conditions

Weight loss is difficult under normal circumstances, but those who suffer from chronic health conditions have extra challenges. Many chronic problems include fatigue that makes exercise difficult, medications that lead to weight gain, and other issues that make it more complicated to keep the extra pounds away. However, recognition of these challenges is the first step to understanding and starting a weight loss journey.

New ideas to help you drink more water to lose weight

Multiple studies have confirmed that drinking more water can help you lose weight, but there are still people who hesitate to embrace this simple diet tip. Many people complain that it is difficult to remember to drink enough water during the day, and they also dislike the taste. Sugary drinks and soda are addictive, so they choose them over a glass of water. However, you can learn to love water, and use it to lose weight.

Weight loss as a positive side effect of rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty can dramatically improve the appearance of your nose and help with multiple problems such as breathing issues. In addition, many patients have reported weight loss as another positive side effect of the surgery. If you are considering this type of plastic surgery, then you may want to think about all of the positive and negative aspects.

Benefits of Invisalign: Can you lose weight by wearing Invisalign?

The search for an easier way to lose weight has forced more people to pay attention to the details in their lives and surroundings. Invisalign is a plastic aligner that is used to straighten the teeth, but it appears to be capable of more than just giving you a beautiful smile. Many patients have noticed that they actually lose weight while wearing Invisalign.

Ready to get fit? Keep these 7 considerations in mind

Many people are focused on becoming more fit and losing extra weight. Being in better shape can benefit your health, your self-esteem and your state of mind. Although most people understand the benefits, they start new fitness programs without planning, use weight loss supplements or bodybuilding supplements they do not need and give up too quickly because of poor results or unrealistic expectations.

How fad liquid diets changed how we think about death

Green smoothy diet

Fad liquid diets are one of the most dangerous ways to lose weight. This type of crash diet can leave you without essential nutrients that you need to maintain your health. Researchers have also traced multiple deaths to liquid diets. Dr. Robert Linn’s the Last Chance Diet has been linked to 58 deaths, and variations of his methods are still dangerous.

Women at Risk of Breast Cancer May Want to Consider This Unusual Choice of Surgery

Weight loss surgery beats dieting over cancer prevention

Some women at risk of breast cancer opt to have a preventive mastectomy to protect their health. However, data from a new study may indicate that rather than having their breasts surgically removed, some women may benefit from a much less radical—and popular―type of surgery that could protect them from cancer as well.