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PA will not run own health insurance exchange, Medical Society reacts

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PA Medical Society on Health Insurance Exchange

This afternoon Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett announced that Pennsylvania will not run its own health insurance exchange and will defer to the federal government. Pasted below is a statement from the Pennsylvania Medical Society regarding this decision.

The following is a statement by C. Richard Schott, MD. Dr. Schott is president of the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) and a practicing cardiologist from suburban Philadelphia.

Today, Governor Corbett announced that Pennsylvania will join a growing number of states that will defer to the federal government to run the health insurance marketplaces that are a key provision of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. By declining to run its own exchange, Pennsylvania will allow the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to operate an insurance marketplace in the state on its own.

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For physicians and their patients, this is an important issue. And as such, the Pennsylvania Medical Society will continue to be engaged and advocate on their behalf. As we’ve said in the past, health care coverage should be available and affordable to all American citizens and legal residents.

The Pennsylvania Medical Society understands that our state leaders had many questions directed to the federal government about regulations and costs related to running an insurance exchange. And, our organization understands that many of those questions went unanswered. Without such information, it would have been difficult for the governor to determine if a state-run insurance exchange would have been efficient and cost-effective for Pennsylvania taxpayers.

The law does allow the decision to establish a state-based exchange to be re-evaluated by states each year. And, hopefully when that time arrives, Pennsylvania will be better informed and can decide whether a state-run exchange makes more sense.

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The patient-physician relationship has been the priority of the Pennsylvania Medical Society since its founding in 1848. To learn more about the Pennsylvania Medical Society, visit the web site at www.pamedsoc.org.