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The Opinion of Jillian Michaels on Keto Diet and What Dieters Think of Her

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Jillian Michaels on Keto Diet

Those who support sustainable weight loss agree with Jillian Michaels who slammed the keto diet in yesterday's interview with Women's Health magazine.


"I don't understand. Like, why would anybody think this is a good idea?" said Jilian Michaels to Women's Health magazine calling the keto diet a "bad plan, for a million reasons."

So, keto diet, good or bad, sustainable or not sustainable? How long can one sustain a diet without carbs?

"I used to love Jillian on the biggest loser, but she then endorsed diet pills, and I hate diet pills, diet fads etc. But this was on the national news tonight. I am a big advocate of healthily sustainable weight loss and lifestyle change," writes a user named Wendy in this Weight Loss Support group on Facebook, boasting 121,000 members.

"For me, I can't understand how a little to no carb diet could be possible for the long term. Sure maybe for a week or two but any more and I would literally kill to have carbs. Your body needs carbs for basic bodily functions and without it, I feel like you'd be slowly hurting it," writes Andy in the group.

I myself don't do Keto, but I have heard a lot of success stories, people losing weight on a keto diet. However, one of my friends, who successfully lost like 20 pounds on a keto diet, said once you get off of it, you gain weight unless you watch your calorie intake.

In fact, take a look at this story eMaxHealth published last year. Keto Diet Least Healthy for 2018.

I think you have to look at sustainability and if people on a keto diet gain the weight back. On keto, many people do. Eating so few carbs and fasting is not sustainable for many. You need to have a strong will.

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"A friend of mine lost almost 150 pounds eating VERY few carbs, and she argued up and down that she could do it her entire life. Spoiler alert: She couldn’t. She gained all her weight back and it breaks my heart because she worked so hard to lose it," wrote Kara in the same group. By the way, here are some practical workout tips if you are in a competition to lose weight.

Many people do clean keto, but even then it's mostly fads. "Keto reminds me of the Gluten Free fad. Only 1% of the population has Celiacs or gluten sensitivity... and gluten-free food is higher in sugar and calories, but we fell for it," writes Wendy.

Eat in Moderation

"As a person that has lost over 550 pounds by eating in moderation, I believe a restrictive diet has a high failure rate at least it did in my case. I've lost weight on every type of diet but quickly put the weight back on. By eating anything I want to in very strict moderation I was able to lose from 750 pounds down to 195 pounds and I've maintained the loss over 5 years now" writes Fred in the same group.

Siding with Jilian Michaels, people who try to achieve a sustainable weight loss in the group, say Keto is not sustainable. Carbohydrates are a MACRO-nutrient and thus required in significantly larger amounts. Restriction does not help people heal their relationship with food. It's a short term fix. The key is to keep a balance.

I can't confirm, but someone in the group wrote Jilian Michaels left the Biggest Loser because they were losing weight too fast and not helping them after the show. Most people gained the weight back. Apparently, she thought they were being unhealthy and left. Again, I can't confirm this.

"It is a fad that will fade. Not sustainable for 95% of population at all. My biggest issue with the approach is it is not muscle sparing at all, killing your metabolic rate down the road. Performance in gym can suffer as well. Carbs will always be the preferred fuel of muscle tissue and more importantly your brain. But if all you are interested in is a number in the scale by all means go for it. As a physician by trade though it is a future heart attack or stroke waiting to happen. Look at the real long term research and you will see the cardiovascular risk is not worth it," writes another group member named Nathan.

In my opinion, if you go on anything that has the word DIET your setting yourself up for failure. A lifestyle change is what is needed for success.

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