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Open Enrollment Day 1: Insurance Agent Web Broker Portals Experiencing Glitches

Health insurance open enrollment

As I am sitting in the doctor's office waiting for my father to finish cataract surgery on the first day of health insurance Open Enrollment for agents and broker in the state of Maryland I wonder what can I expect.


Although we have seen webinars with the new system the same as last year we the health insurance agents who need to work with client do not get to test the system hands on before we try it out on an actual client. To my surprise Healthcare.gov worked quite well for the most part. The subsidy calculator is excellent. I only had an issue two times when I tried to login to the Spanish site I kept getting an error message saying Access Denied. I finally got it to work. Customer service was great.

I had signed up with a couple of web brokers but have not yet submitted any applications through their sites. Why many have been having problems all weekend. Today on is still showing an error on their site and will not let me login. Three of them were displaying the wrong plans for part of Fairfax County in Northern VA which is divided by Anthem territory and CareFirst. If a agent is not aware of the boundaries they could mistakenly write an Anthem policy in CareFirst territory which will cause big problems for the client.

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I had high hopes of being able to sign up my clients this year without the glitches, account set up issues, travel and screen sharing that we did last year. I did set up accounts on Healthcare.gov but have not enrolled anyone into a plan. I hope to do the final submissions by the end of the week if the sites I signed up for are working.

I contacted a company using the GoHealth platform to see what they had to offer. So far of all of the Web Broker sites that went live on Saturday they were the only ones who displayed the correct plans for all of Fairfax County Virginia. I checked the other sites five minutes before I began this article and they are all still displaying incorrect information. I contacted them all on Saturday after using myself as a guinea pig to test the sites. I have to give props to ACA Express because although they were having problems they have communicated with us on the forums and two of their representatives emailed me directly and have promptly corrected the carrier information error.

Like many agents I was just looking for something that would make the signup process this year for my clients and me. Right now the best place to start is Healthcare.gov in the states controlled by the federal government. I will then link their accounts to my agent broker portal once I’m fully confidence they are working properly.