One Challenge of Weight Loss: Being Free From Weight Watcher's Scale

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Woman on Ketogenic diet, who lost 51 pounds in 104 days commits talk about the challenge of going scale free and commits herself to free from scale obsession.


Even the people, who successfully lose weight by changing a lifestyle or following a particular diet complain about one obsessions that still controls their mode: the scale. I would like to share with the a quote from one weight watcher, who follows a Ketogenic, lost more than 51 pounds in three months and expresses her frustration with being obsessed by scale. Jessyca shares her story below.

The ketogenic diet has helped me overcome so many obsessions. I no longer count calories, weigh food, binge and purge( or even just binge) starve myself, take diet pills, etc. I have done all those things since age 11. (I'm now 42) the freedom for me has come with just eating the foods I know are good to eat ( ketogenic) and adding butter to everything, and trusting the science and the process.I don't count anything! Sweet freedom! I have lost 51 lbs in 104 days. The one obsession I have still clung to is the scale.


That piece of machinery owns me. It controls my mood to a great extent,and affects my self esteem, which I absolutely understand is ridiculous, but still it's true. Believe me, I understand it isn't even a good measurement of success! Anyway, in an effort to break its hold on me, I am committing to being scale free for the month of August.

This will be a challenge, but making the commitment public will help to hold me accountable. I don't ever cheat on my eating, so I know I can do this too.

In your weight loss journey what experience have you had with scale? Have you ever been obsessed with scale and if yes, how did you break scale obsession?