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This Non-Contact Thermometer Measure Temperature of The Body, Room and More

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Recently I was introduced to MyThermo, a non-contact thermometer (you can call it wireless) that measures the temperature of almost everything.


MyThermo is a smart and connected non-contact thermometer used to measure temperature of the body, room, bottle, or bath. Results can be seen on the device and tracked over time in the free BewellConnect app for iOS and Android.

Imagine this. Let's say your child is sleeping and for some reason you need to measure his temperature. You don't want to disturb your child. This is where MyThermo comes handy. You can get fast readings of your child's temperature without disturbing his sweet sleep.

MyThermo has 6 features which we will discuss below.

Bewell-Connect, the creator of MyThermo non-contact thermometer, claims claims on its website, that this thermometer gives accurate readings and uses infrared technology to achieve that.

They say MyThermo is safe for the whole family. As we mentioned above the thermometer readings are shown on a device and the app can store up to 7 profiles. Basically in most households all family members can have their own profiles using a single wireless thermometer.

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You can use this thermometer in various situations. One can measure the temperature of the body, room, of a bottle or even bath. This is a one single thermometer that has multi-use settings.

I really like this one: it has no germs. Because MyThermo is non-contact, it virtually eliminates the spread of germs when being used.

The temperature data is sharable. As I mentioned above the app stores up to 7 profiles in it. Now because of this you can store the temperature readings of your child in the app and share with his doctor anytime.

MyThermo has another cool feature. The temperature reading display is color-coded. This makes it very easy to read the display not only on the app, but also on the device.

Here is the technology behind MyThermo

"All objects, solid, liquid or gas, emit energy by radiation. The intensity of this energy depends on the temperature of the object. The MyThermo BW-CX10 infrared thermometer is therefore able to measure the temperature of a person by the energy the person emits. This measurement can be taken thanks to an external temperature probe on the device which permanently analyzes and registers the ambient temperature. Therefore, as soon as the operator holds the thermometer near the body and activates the radiation sensor, the measurement is taken instantly by detection of the infrared heat generated by the arterial blood flow. Body heat can therefore be measured without any interference from the heat of the surrounding environment," reads the manual. The complete manual can be downloaded from Bewell-Connect.