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New Viral Therapy Cancer Treatment Improves Survival Rates and Makes Everyone Smile

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Cancer Treatment RIGVIR

A diagnosis of cancer can instill fear, anxiety and a sense of helplessness and hopelessness in those affected including friends and family. It’s a diagnosis that can take one’s breath away. I remember hearing the news that my grandmother who raised me, had cancer. The initial reaction was mind-numbing terror, shock, and simply wanting to flee. All I knew at the time was that cancer was a death sentence.


Unfortunately, 40 years later, little has changed with regard to survival rates even with “modern advances”. What was recommended then – surgery, placement of a feeding tube, chemotherapy, and radiation is still the gold standard of care today. New drugs have been developed, new types of treatments are used, and yet the long-term survival rate remains an abysmal 2.1% overall.

But there is hope and it was a serendipitous discovery in 1960 of the oncolytic properties of enterovirus by Dr. Aina Muceniece, a Latvian scientist, immunologist, and Emeritus Scientist that led to the use of a virus with minimal and manageable mild side effects in the treatment of cancer. The virus which was named Riga after the Latvian city of Riga, was tested in phase1, 2 and 3 trials. The drug containing the Riga virus is called RIGVIR.

RIGVIR contains live, natural Riga virus, a non-pathogenic, non-mutating enterovirus which was found to have immunomodulating and cytolytic or cancer destroying effects. The action of the virus is to enter and destroy the cancer cell, however, because it only enters abnormal cancer cells, there are only short term effects such as sub febrile (low) temperature, pain in the tumor, fatigue, drowsiness and dyspepsia (diarrhea). Unlike use of chemotherapy, with RIGVIR healthy tissues are not affected or damaged, and cancers are unable to become resistant. Regarding immunomodulation, because of its structure RIGVIR selectively enters and affects cells in sensitive tumors and makes them detectable by the T-cells and B-cells in the immune system which then mount an immune response. The Riga virus is not genetically modified (GM) and is not pathogenic, nor is it able to replicate in the human body. It is issued in oncology for the prevention of secondary immunodeficiency. Another benefit of RIGVIR if that the drug targets and kills cancer stem cells so the cancer does not recur or metastasize.

Dr. Ivars Kalvins, PH.D, scientist, inventor and Director of the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, led the team of researchers who completed the work of Dr. Muceniece. He is 1 of 3 finalists for the European Medicine Award (2015) and is a distinguished member of the European Academy of Science. Dr. Kalvins holds 215 patents and has authored over 650 publications. [1,5]

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With a smile on his face, Dr. Kalvins explained, “There is only one medicine in the world that uses a live virus to treat cancer.”

In 2015 RIGVIR was registered in Georgia and included in the Latvian national guidelines for skin cancer and melanoma treatment. According to Dr. Elitn Shapovalora, M.D., “Success rates in early stage melanoma are 90% while in late stage the survival rate is 60%. These rates are significantly higher than the typical survival rate of 9% if treated with conventional therapy.” Melanoma is considered the deadliest type of skin cancer.

While the official clinical use of RIGVIR is in the treatment of malignant melanoma, according to Dr. Kalvins, “RIGVIR has been effective in 10 other cancers including: melanoma, lung, renal, pancreatic, breast, uterine, bladder, stomach, prostate and several kinds of sarcomas.” [1] Patients from 40 countries have received the treatment. “Cancer virotherapy is one of the most promising modern cancer therapy methods. Therefore, the leading countries in the development of pharmaceutical products have largely involved in virological researches with the aim of finding the most effective and safest viruses with the ability to selectively destroy malignant cells. Nobody doubts any more that viruses are able to do it. Just like nobody doubts any more that Latvia, through RIGVIR has become the leader and, at the same time, the pioneer in virotherapy. The only question is – how much time will it take until some other viral anticancer medicines will join RIGVIR. Clearer and stronger with every day, virotherapy is claimed around the world as one of the firm primary therapy types, that can be more effective, safer, and patient-caring than the cancer treatment methods known until now. I will do everything that depends on me in order to develop virotherapy and help many cancer patients around the world, who have deserved such humane and effective treatment long ago.” [5]

Oncolytic virotherapy in the world is coordinated by the International Virotherapy Center (IVC) in Latvia. The mission of the IVC is to provide virotherapy treatment to every cancer patient who needs it. The main objectives of the IVC are training and certification of doctors, accreditation of medical institutions and coordination of international service of patients.

The cost of the RIGVIR in Georgia where is has been approved is about 1050 Lari which is about $444 USD. Rigvir® is delivered as an intramuscular injection. For those in the US, the nearest treatment center is the Hope 4 Cancer Institute in Tijuana, Mexico.

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I have stage 3c ovarian cancer .Doctors have never found the primary it has metastasised ,but has not spread since it was confirmed about 6or 7 months ago. Thought it may have been something like IBS symptoms in the January prior to the findings over that Christmas.both my husband and me had a most terrible flu stayed in bed with sickness and hallucinations from that January. ,I started eating real organic food and have been supplementing .my Oncologist is amazed at how well I seem.But they suggest an op and more chemo which I don't want . Could Rigvir help me? I am 59 in Jan sent with hope
Christine Wade I'd be happy to talk to you. My number is 832 297 5921. Please feel free to contact me.
I am very interested in all Rigvir treatment as I do research for a Pharmacist.
l am really interested in the Rigvir treatment cause my friend has cancer st 4 and is there a side effect for using this treatment
Hi, I was diagnosed with stage4 osophigal cancer in September 2015. I have had a fairly fast and good response to taxol and have no mets left (Feb 2016) however, I know this is not going to cure me in full. I am in Australia and am wondering if you have any agencies working here or if I am a good candidate for this brilliant method.
I am looking for a clinic that uses RIGVIR to fight overran cancer. I am hoping that it works on this type of cancer. I had surgery and was treated with chemo. I have done very well after but as of a few months ago my CA125 sky rocketed. . Then decided not to do traditional medicine . I have been Klink Marinis clinic in Germany treated with hypothermia and various enzymes and my CA125 has dropped from 199 to 123 in a matter of four weeks. It still isn't low enough and am looking at RIGVIR as being something that may work very well for me. Could you please contact me about the therapy, giving me locations,times and cost. Thank you very much. Sincerely Eileen Hattan
my wife is on stage 2 advanced breast cancer with traces in bones and lung and liver. she is on a chemo drug and her scan showed that there was a good response. we would like to ask someone about rigvir in case her scan in june is not good
I have stage 4 breast cancer with a small amount of cancer on liver, pelvis & rib. I talked with Hope4Cancer in Baja California, Mexico, founded by Dr. Antonio Jimenez, and they offer Rigvir along with other therapies as they find best suited for a particular cancer/patient. Hoping for your wife to have a beautiful report in June, but be sure to take many preventative and healing measures to prevent the return of cancer. I have read that whatever is out of order with our body in the first place must be corrected so new cancer won't set in, plus the damage done by traditional treatment needs to be addressed. CancerTutor has a lot of great info. God bless you both and your family!.
hello Laura, i have stage 4 breast cancer and i just started taking Rigvir , could you please give me an update about if it works with you or nor? what kinds of scan are you doing to follow up the success of the treatmen
Hi, I have stage 4 triple negative breast cancer and I have been told that Rigvir might help me. Could you please tell me if the rigvir helped you and how you tested? Also if you don't mind sharing which type of breast cancer you have? Thank you.
My 55 yr old son has pancreatic cancer stage 4, spots on liver. Can you treat with rigvir and what would it cost? How long would he have to remain in Latvia?
Hi Dee, my 58 year old husband also has stage 4 pancreatic cancer that spread to his liver and lungs. I am afraid he is reaching the end now and is suffering with cachaxia. Did your son ever get the RIGVIR? Please let me know what his outcome was.
My son died Jun 26, 2016. He never used regvir.
I am fit and Healthy (as far as I know) but would like to know if this virus Rigvir can be used as a cancer preventative method?
I am dealing with endometrial cancer that was diagnosed about 5 years ago. I have been doing multiple alternative treatments all along. Had a hysterectomy 2 years ago and since then a tumor recurrance at the vaginal suture line and a tumor in my colon. Not a new primary cancer but diagnosed as endometrial cancer cells. I just can't seem to kick this thing entirely. Just heard about Rigvir and am beyond i terested if this may be an effective treatment for me. I am 62 and otherwise healthy Thank you Corrine
I live in Australia and have had endometrial cancer, and have gone to Latvia. I have had great results. My blood results are improving. I went late June 2016. My doctors are surprised. I wish you all the best Jackie
A friend was diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer in 2015. Jackie Williams I'm pleased to hear your condition is improving. Please help me so I can help her move forward giving her some hope to live for years to come. Please tell me where Latvia is located & there contact number. Thank You!..Holly.. Email: [email protected]
I am booked for prostate cancer treatment at klinik Marinus. They are very good and one of the best, but I fear the cancer is a recurring type. Has anyone tried Rigvir for prostate cancer?
Hi Jackie, I live on the Sunshine Coast in QLD I have stage 4 metastases liver cancer from the colon cancer. Could you tell me about your treatments in Latvia with the Rigvir, I'm happy to give you my mobile number if preferred. regards Marilyn
Hi Jackie, can you pls call me if you want to, I would like to know about your expirience wit Rigvir, Im considering to go in may/june this year. My no. is 0423928662. cheers gordana
i live in australia and have prostate cancer , i would like to know cost and duration of rigvir treatment in latvia or anywhere they do it ,regards john.
We live Ireland My partner is currently fighting stage IV nasopharyngeal carcinoma we would be very interested in undertaking Rigvir treatment. Please let us know the cost, duration of the treatment how how long he would be in Latvia
Plz let me know about Rigvir treatment coz I want to have this... just want to know the cost and where about is Latvia... finished my treatments year ago surgery,6 chemos and 15 radiotherpies and just find out last month that my breast cancer has spread,matestic disesase which is not curable... I need your help and guidance... Reply as soon as you get my mail thx and God bless you all...
i have just heard about Rigvir treatment on the truth about cancer programme. I have had prostate cancer for 10 years and it is in my back and pelvis. I am now in pain and not able to walk far. I wondered if this would be a suitable treatment and, if so, what the cost of treatment would be and now long the treatment takes? really fascinated!
have stage 4 advanced prostate cancer with bone met. Is RIGVIR a real option for me. my GS is 9. PSA is doubling in weeks and have had RP and Proton Rad on lymph gland that was positive. Help
Stage 4 squamous cell have tumor in abdomen just under skin. Want to know if Rigvir would work and if you have had others with same cancer and stage be successful with this treatment. Need to know lowest possible cost. Currently getting holistic treatments of IV mineral and vitamin plus hyperbaric and ozone.
Does this work on neroblastomia ... Child is currently in remission .. And what is the costs n how many injections ect.
Hi, I have prostrate cancer matastised (mCRPC) to the bone and currently on a trial with Keytruda (Pembrolizumab). My PSA is currently 19. Has there been any trials or successes with RIGVIR on patients with similar presentation? Is there a health provider in Australia using RIGVIR and if yes, can you provide their contact details, please?
Unsure about Rigvir in Australia....but I highly recommend getting on a therapeutic dose of fucoidan and high dose vitamin C *iv if you have a clinic and they are willing. A friend whose PSA was 20 lowered it to normal in a matter of months using LIMU which contains fucoidan. I have written other articles on the subject and you can research at pubmed.gov by putting fucoidan and prostate or other cancer name in search box. My email is [email protected] Anyone needing info please feel free to contact me. I can send you a book by a Japanese doctor who uses fucoidan with great success....both as primary and adjunct therapy.
Can you please send through some contact details. I am enquiring about my sister - diagnosis is blasmaplastic lymphoma currently receiveing chemotherapy and just started 1 course of radiation therapy - has had a heart transplant approx 10 years ago - would this treatment be suitable if so please advise approx cost and how long would she need to be in Latvia - are there any other clinics? Await your earliest response and thank you in advance.