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New Cure for Breast Cancer Recommends to Avoid These 14 Foods Rich in Asparagine

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Remove asparagus from diet for breast cancer cure

Consuming foods that contain a low amino acid content of a substance known as asparagine, significantly reduce, by three times, the risk of developing a particularly dangerous form of breast cancer.


An article, published in the journal Nature, describes an experiment involving mice that were given various amounts of asparagine. Researchers noted that cancer spread more when the mice were given asparagine-rich foods.

A team of scientists from the British University of Cambridge and Cedar-Sinai Hospitals has developed a special diet, which includes products with a low level of asparagine.

"Our study adds to a growing body of evidence that suggests diet can influence the course of the disease," noted Simon Knott, Ph.D., associate director of the Center for Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics at Cedars-Sinai and one of two first authors of the study.

This dangerous amino acid is found in high levels in beef, poultry, dairy products, eggs, fish, seafood, asparagus, potatoes, beans, and soy. Almost all vegetables and fruits contain low amounts of asparagine content.

Foods rich in asparagine:

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1. Dairy
2. Whey
3. Beef
4. Poultry
5. Eggs
6. Fish
7. Seafood
8. Asparagus
9. Potatoes
10. Legumes
11. Nuts
12. Seeds
13. Soy
14. Whole grains

The researchers found that the appearance of asparagine in the cells of the body are closely related to the development of the primary tumor.

In addition, it was found that reducing the synthesis of this amino acid, with diet or medication, reduces the likelihood of metastasis.

When laboratory mice were eating asparagine-rich foods, cancer cells spread in their bodies much faster.

The experiment has confirmed that the quality of the diet depends on how the body reacts to primary anti-tumor therapy and affects whether or not the illness will subsequently return, scientists said.

Also see: New Research Suggests That Food Can Fuel or Inhibit Cancer Growth. The "researchers remain hopeful that this discovery may lead to more effective treatment for cancer patients in the future. They hope that a diet whose amino acids were manipulated would be a gentler, less risky option opposed to more drugs for cancer patients. We must hold fast to hope in this era of scientific enlightenment," concludes eMaxHealth's Kaitlin Covel in that story.

Many people love Asparagus. Does this finding change your attitude toward eating asparagus or food that contains asparagine? I don't understand anymore, is it the food or the additives that are added to food that makes certain types of God-given food unhealthy? What do you think? Please, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



Just posted yesterday a study showing eating juicing etc of asparagus would cure cancer. Which is it
Its always foods high in proteins that are recommended to stay away from. But the reality is people have a difficult time staying away from these foods and will find countless reasons to eat them. The goal should be to focus on amino acids like Dark greens/Coconuts/Avocados. But people say they get bored eating the same foods. Oh well, thats just your decision.