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My Type 2 Diabetes Fuels My 70 Lbs Weight Loss Struggle, But I Am Hanging in There

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Darryl Buck's 70 lbs weight loss

I have been on this rocky road since August to lose weight. I cut out all the junk. I did intermittent fasting, juicing and jogging. My cortisol levels are through the roof because of stress. I am struggling to maintain my weight loss, but hanging in there. The bitter harsh reality of being Type 2 diabetic keeps me going. I want to live longer. I want to be disease-free.


Hello eMaxHealth readers. I met darryl Buck on one of the largest weight loss groups on Facebook where he had shared this picture with the above-mentioned introduction. I asked him if he would share his story with eMaxHealth readers and he did.

My name is Darryl Buck and I am from The Pas Manitoba, Canada, but now live in the city of Winnipeg for the past 5 years. This is my weight loss journey that I hope will encourage and inspire those who live with Type 2 Diabetes and struggle to lose weight.

First and foremost, I must express my gratitude for reading my Facebook post in the Weight Loss Support Group and your interest in my health. I hope that this will inspire or motivate others in making healthy lifestyle choices and shed a bit of light on awareness for diabetes.

Life of Poverty, Depression and Single Parent

My life is no fairytale story. Weight issues hometowned before I had moved away from my home town. The stress of living a life of poverty, as a single parent not to mention a broken family with next to no friends had ultimately affected the downfall of my health. This would be like a shadow that followed me for years as depression percolated into my life, so did my weight gain.

Things had come to the point where my mobility was limited, my clothes were too small, meals were larger and my appetite was even bigger. So when my late father had passed it was hard on me. I became sick and slept so much. I would wake only to eat (mostly fast food). I never exercised, not since I had moved from my hometown.

Type 2 Diabetic

The day I had gone to the walk in clinic I had slept for a whole day. My mouth was dry and skin had dry itchy patches. When the doctor checked my blood sugar, I was prompted to head to the hospital. My blood sugar was so high I should have been in a coma.

At the hospital I was convinced I was sick with something. Even though I felt fine, the physician said I was type 2 diabetic. As I was processing this, all I could think about was my children and my partner. Diabetes will significantly decrease my life span. I caused myself to become sick with this disease and by extension taking that many years away from my loved ones to have me in their lives. All I felt was fear. I wanted to live longer. I wanted to beat this disease. I mentally told myself that I will win.

Diet and Exercise for Weight Loss

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Regulating diet and exercise into my life were some heavy changes, but necessary. I needed to educate myself in a way I never have before. I found myself relearning how to live life. This disease is threatening to take everything I love away by shortening my life so that kept me going, kept me learning and kept me from giving up. I wanted to quit so many times but I always remember my loved ones faces etched into my head every time I felt like giving in. Not eating junk like I have for so many years was not without extraordinary effort even when it was offered or was so easy to access. Honestly I had fast food a few times not by choice but because I didn't have a choice. I needed to eat in order to take my medication but I didn't over do it.

One of the most important key factors that I know I needed was counseling for my mental health. So I see a therapist to get a hold of my issues by talking about things. It really helps wonders just to have someone listen and tell you good job, keep it up, keep going.

Research was a part of my routine to keep my information updated. I came across alot of different things, but what I felt comfortable with was when a Netflix show call "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" that had educational benefits in juicing for me. I was relishing the idea of getting all the nutrients I needed in one day in a cup no bigger than a coffee. I basically eat anything but no sugar, less starch, less sodium and black coffee in moderation.

Intermittent Fasting

Also, one of the first things I had came across was how intermittent fasting was a growing widespread presence and how great it was working when done properly for diabetes and weight loss. It made this a reversible disease. The number of health benefits are great number. I fast for 16 hours twice a week but never back to back.

My exercise routine consists of more walking monitored by a step counter. Jogging on alternate days from my fasting days.

The Hardest Thing in Weight Loss

The hardest thing was getting up and actually going through with everything. I dreaded running but felt better when finished. I didnt like the taste of juicing all those fruits and vegetables but drank it anyway knowing how much good it was doing. Fasting days came gone so fast but I knew I had the disease under control. My sugars have not been high since diagnosed. I've got more and more energy as time goes on and my appetite is less and less.

I have supported people by sharing information and my progress that I have been making. I took things one day at a time, one step at a time. I really have cravings all the time but they always pass. First step is to want change and make it happen.

I feel great after 70 pounds of weight loss

All in all I feel great as the weight keeps shedding I can move so freely, my clothes fit comfortably, I have more energy, my stresses have become manageable and my cravings kept at bay.