My Health Insurance is Cancelled, Can I Reverse?

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Health insurance cancelled

Thursday's announcement of President Obama's Affordable care act (ACA) giving health insurance carriers the option for consumers to keep their insurance plans that would otherwise be canceled is too little too late, according to industry expert Jeff Cline.

Mr. Cline from 1-800-MEDIGAP states "the consumer is going to feel increased expenses. Insurance carriers don't have to give consumers the same insurance plan back at the same rate.

Mr. Cline goes on to say that many people who had health conditions and were on insurance plans will now have to go through the underwriting process again. Some may not even qualify for the more expensive plan and will be forced to take one of the offerings on the healthcare exchanges.

Overall, it is just another in a line of problems facing the health care exchanges, impacting families and businesses across America.


After more review, Mr. Cline states " Ever wonder why the government spent over $500 million, to create something they could of got for free from many qualified organizations?

I estimate it will cost tax payers billions to keep it running over time, when there are many private sectors that would be glad to cover those costs, and are experts in the vary field," Cline adds.

Will the ACA really do the country any good, or is it going to be the game changer in the history books one day when our children look back and point to where it all went wrong? Too early to tell, but the first signs are very dis-heartening.

On a brighter note, the 14 states that went outside the box and picked options available to the public sector have reported two times the enrollments than the rest of the country. There is something to be said about American know-how and the power of the private sector being able to deliver compared to the government.

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