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My Doctor Has Recommended To One Of His Other Patients That She Talk To Me About Veganism

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As new global disease study shows that poor diet is a factor in one in 5 deaths there are amazing stories emerging from people who follow vegan diet.


Regaining weight after gastric bypass surgery is a very common problem. I have myself seen people who had a weight loss surgery and now seriously struggling with weight gain. Poor diet is a problem for many people in the world. But plant based vegan diet is not only a trend these days, especially after the documentary "What The Health," but also also shows amazing results in maintaining good weight and healthy lifestyle.

See what happened to this Vegan man, after his doctor recommended another patient to speak to him because the other patient was struggling with weight regain after a weight loss surgery. This testimony is quoted from this discussion on Reddit.

From Opposition to Veganism To Becoming a Vegan Advocate For My Doctor

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Seven years ago I was severely over weight, and at the time I was totally opposed to veganism. I had gastric bypass surgery. Over 3 years ago I decided to go vegan for ethical reasons.
When I went into see my bariatric surgeon for my yearly check up after going vegan. He, of course, asked all the normal questions like "where do you get your protein" etc etc.. At each of my subsequent yearly follow-ups, I continue to talk to him about veganism. I told him about Dr. Garth Davis who is also a bariatric surgeon but also incorporates a vegan diet with his patients. So since then, he has read lots of Dr. Davis's papers.

So I just had my three-year check up, and my blood work is still perfect. He's very impressed with my veganism. He told me he thought at first it made just a phase, but he is really happy I stuck with it and completely agrees it is absolutely the healthier choice. He even talked to me about the ethics of it. I've also talked to him about the vegan group that I run.

So out of the blue this morning I got a call from his office. He apparently has a patient that has also had gastric bypass surgery but is struggling with weight regain. He told her about veganism, and about my group. So he told her he would have me contact her, so his office was contacting me to give me her info so that I can call her and talk to her and help her maybe adopt a plant-based diet.
I think this is an amazing thing because when I went through the process to have my surgery all they talk about is meat meat meat meat meat protein protein protein....So to have him suggest this to another patient... In my eyes is a small victory.

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Editor's Note
This is an inspiring story to promote vegan diet vs other poor diets. It does make sense that many doctors who support a vegan or any type of plant based diet, do so after having a patient who shows amazing results on the diet.