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Mom Teaches Herself Creating Mobile Apps and Helps Autistic Son Academically

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Parent learning app for autism

How has autism affected your life? It's difficult for many parents, but be filled with hope and refuse to give up. See how this mother is successfully coping while caring for his autistic child and learning new things and teaching him news things.


As I was looking for those stories on how autism has affected the lives of parents and families what this single mom did amazed me. She, barely having money for food, used her smart phone, toughed herself creating computer games and apps and helped her son academically and improved his social skills.

"I am a single mom and my son has autism. He was diagnosed at age 3, his speech was not developing. An inability to express himself verbally were the cause of wild tantrums. Autism forced me to come up with a few coping solutions. I barely had money for food. Besides using the camera on my cellphone for speech therapy, taught myself to create computer games and mobile apps to help him academically and with his social skills. Today, my son is 9 years old and has his own business. It is a difficult journey, but it is not a life sentence. I can promise that," writes another mom named Tiffany.

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This was a very good story of hope that you shouldn't give up in any situation. Keep believing, keep hoping and keep going forward.

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The bottom line is that never give up. Believe in Jesus if you are a Christian or find your faith if you are not and keep caring and being compassionate. Goodness and kindness always overcome. Otherwise impossible.