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Milkadamia: This Is How Vegan Milk Alternative Tastes Now

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Milkadamia vegan milk alternative

I don't know what the best vegan milk alternative is, but there is a new one to add to your cereal or cooking called Milkadamia.


Dec. 14, 2017 Update - Today I tasted the Milkadamia vegan milk and was really surprised how well it tastes. I don't know which words to use to describe it, but you can feel the great taste of walnuts. Think of a milk, smooth milk, but vegan: with a fresh walnut taste. It also has a very slight sweetness. I liked it. You can see the information released by Milkadamia below.

Milkadamia is a dairy-free alternative made of raw macadamia nuts, grown on the gorgeous Jindilli Family Farms in Australia. Known for their regenerative approach to farming, the Jindilli Family Farms are giving us a product to feel good about this holiday season! From your morning latte to soups and desserts, this is a product worth trying! It will also be debuted in Walmart in January ’18. And while I am writing about Walmart, the giant supermarket wants more vegan products available on its shelves.

This vegan milk's promoter says Milkadamia is a delicious dairy-free alternative that delivers the creamy consistency many of us crave when searching for a dairy free option. Available in Vanilla, Unsweetened and Original, Milkadamia is changing how we think of milk. I haven't tried it yet, but I will update this story, once I try it.

The release that I received from the company reads: This creamy, regeneratively farmed macadamia nut milk is the perfect, healthful dairy-swap for your favorite holiday recipes.

How Milkadamia Milk Can Be Used

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From creamy fall soups and pumpkin scones to steamy cocoa and rich eggnog, milkadamia vegan milk alternative adds the creamy richness and delicate flavor to your beloved family recipes, while being a natural choice for seekers of great food made with our planet’s tomorrow in mind.

The secret to how milkadamia perfectly complements every recipe is its easy, smooth taste – that come from raw, never roasted, nuts. Just as nature delivers macadamias, unroasted – they’re transformed into flavorful milks that is quickly changing how milk tastes now.

The Taste – Unlike many nut milks, milkadamia is made from raw nuts—never roasted. The end result is a creamier, subtle milk that tastes and performs more like dairy.

The Applications – Because of its smooth flavor profile, Milkadamia can be substituted almost anywhere dairy might be used. Try four different flavors of milkadamia in smoothies, lattes, baked goods, and more.

The Benefits – It’s dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, NON-GMO, vegan, cholesterol-free, an excellent source of vitamin D and B12, and has 50% more calcium than 2% dairy milk.

The Mission – Milkadamia runs their farms as naturally as possible using ever-growing collection of holistic, regenerative techniques that conserve water and build healthy soil. They’re thrilled to be part of a new wave of regenerative farming communities who are bent on creating a more abundant future for our Earth.

The Packaging – Its artisan look and feel displays beautifully on store shelves and when left out on the counter for guests to use.