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Men Here Are The Symptoms of Prostate Gland, Which May Be Cancerous or Not

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Prostate Gland

If you experience symptoms such as frequent urination and poor flow of urine a yearly rectal examination is recommended and may reveal if you have a prostate cancer or an enlarged prostate, suggests Doctor Ademola Orolu, a Family Physician.


Men, let's talk. Do you experience a combination of any of the following?

- Frequent urination
- Poor flow of urine
- Straining while urinating
- A feel as if you will pee on yourself if you don't get to the convenience in time when pressed
- Occasional involuntary passage of urine on self when pressed
- Waking up at night to urinate 3 or more times.
- Feeling of incomplete emptying of bladder despite just urinating.

The above symptoms, when combined, raises suspicion that the Prostate Gland (see images) is enlarged. The gland sits below the urinary bladder in men. It's major role is to add a fluid (prostatic fluid) to the sperm in its travel through the penis during ejaculation. This fluid helps nourish the sperm in the semen till it performs it's role if fertilizing the egg.

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The enlarged prostate may, however, not give some men any concern. In such persons, it is detected during medical evaluation. Nevertheless, every man, especially from the age of 40years should check the health of their prostate.

Enlarged prostate could be cancerous or not cancerous. Early detection and removal saves lives if cancerous. A yearly rectal examination (see picture) is a reliable screening exercise in addition to a blood test for PSA (prostate specific antigen), which when elevated raises concern about prostate cancer.

By Dr. Ademola Orolu

Enlarged Prostate Treatment Better with Surgery Compared to Drugs: Findings from a large study show that men who undergo surgery for enlarged prostate gland fare better than those treated with drugs. Treatment of enlarged prostate was compared to medication treatment in a large study. Compared to drugs, enlarged prostate treatment is better with surgery compared to taking medications to reduce symptoms.

Simple At Home Test for Men Experiencing Urinating Difficulties: In a recent study published in the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI), researchers from the Institute for Bladder and Prostate Health at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell, enrolled 409 men ranging from 40-91 years of age, who were diagnosed with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). Lower urinary tract symptoms in men encompasses difficulties with storage, voiding, and/or post-micturition—a sensation of incomplete emptying and/or post-urinating “dribble.” LUTS is common in older men with an incidence reported of up to 90% in men aged 50- to 80-years-old. LUTS increases from 3% when a man reaches his early 40’s, to 42% by the time he is 75. One of the more prevalent health issues arising from voiding problems is being awakened at night from sleep multiple times with the urge to urinate. Normal frequency of urination for a man is once per night. A need to urinate twice or more is considered to be a medical condition known as “nocturia.”