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This Meme in Dentist's Office is The Best Fighting Animal Curelty

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Vegan Dentist Meme

This meme is a pun, but it may be one of the best puns I have seen that exploits three different meanings: veganism, animal cruelty and dental care.


Today someone posted this meme on Reddit, writing "saw this meme for vegan dentists." Indeed, a cool meme for vegan dentists.

I cropped the picture. On the top it read Molar Bear. It's puns. "Polar bear' and "molar bear" sound similar, and it's about a dentist. "Fighting against animal cruelty" sounds a lot like "Fighting against enamel cruelty" and teeth are made of enamel, explained one member in the group.

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You may ask what it has to do with being vegan? Very simple. Veganism is anti-animal cruelty, that's all. Enamel is a dental term and it sounds like animal. You know, the puns are like jokes exploiting the different possible meanings of a word or the fact that there are words that sound alike but have different meanings.

The link may be too hard to make, but then again, it could just simply be vegan dentists wanting to educate people about a good dental care in a funny way. You know, it doesn't always have to be a direct link.

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