Man is skeptical about losing weight, but wants to give it a good try to see how it affects blood sugar

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Today on Low Carb Healthy and Losing It Facebook group, where I am a member, I read this interesting story by a man says he is in a conundrum about his weight loss because of his vegan diet and blood sugar test results.


Doug Lerner writes.

I am in a conundrum. I have been vegan and no fat (i.e. very high carb) for quite a while, and I have been slowly losing weight (with some ups and downs as I have fallen off the wagon). Currently, I'm down a net of about 40 lb.

But over the last year, my blood sugar HbA1c has been creeping up. My doctor is concerned. And the nutritionist at the hospital says that I have to reduce the amount of carbs that I'm eating. Especially high glycemic carbs, including corn, potatoes, rice, and fruits like apples and bananas. In other words, all the things I like to eat most. And yes, I have become somewhat of a sugar addict and also eat ice cream and some other things like that which I know are bad on just about any diet.

In my past experience, it has always been that if I lose weight my blood sugar goes down no matter what I eat. But lately, my blood sugar is not going even if I am losing weight. And I can't ignore what the blood tests are showing.

Blood sugar is my only abnormal blood value. Cholesterol, etc., and blood pressure are all within normal range.

Anyway, I have to admit I am a low-carb skeptic, and I've never been able to lose weight eating low-carb before, even though I've tried a bunch of times.

But for the sake of my blood sugar, I decided to take the nutritionist's advice and reduce carbs.

Even more than that, I'm going to go completely low carb for a while and at least see what that does to my HbA1c.


The plan I started a few days ago is "Protein Power" and I'm restricting net carbs to 30 g a day. I guess that will put me into ketosis, which is fine. And I'll see if it helps me lose my remaining weight too since I am obese.

I'm not expecting much regarding weight loss, so I won't be disappointed. But I am hoping for some dramatic improvement in blood sugar values. I'm a little worried about what the extra fat will do to my arteries though. But right now I want to get my blood sugar down to normal levels because I know how dangerous high blood sugar can be, and that's the main concern of my doctor.

This is my 3rd day since starting low-carb again, and I'm being scrupulous about every carb I'm eating. I'm having fish, and chicken, and eggs, and some cheese (being careful about the carbs there). And also eating several green salads with a small handful of walnuts every day for the fiber. I'm also eating about half of my 30 g of carbs in yogurt. I wish yogurt was lower carb, because it's good for my digestion, but anyway, I'm being careful in counting.

If I feel too yucky eating meats I might try to eat more tofu instead. While not zero carb, it's quite low in carb.

We'll see how it goes.

On Sundays I do volunteer teaching, so have to come up with some substitutes by morning for what I'll eat out for breakfast and lunch instead of my usual onigiri.

Anyway, here I am. Skeptical about losing weight, but I think it's important to at least give it a good faith try and see how it affects my blood sugar.

Feedback from the group

The Atkins app has a lot of low carb recipes. Some are less than 1 g net carbs the highest I've seen is 6g, writes Kelsy Mcperson.

What would you do if you were in Doug's place? Please share your tips and suggestions in the comments section below.


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