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Man Loses 50 Pounds Through Water Fasting, but No One Notices It

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Water Fasting

Imagine losing 50 pounds in 23 days and not being noticed. How fat do you have to be to lose 50 pounds and no one notices? Some people just don't feel comfortable about commenting other people's weight loss.


I am a regular reader at Water Fasting group on Facebook, where nearly 36,000 members discuss their water fasting and weight loss experiences, ask questions and motivate one another.

Today I read this status by a member named Jerry, who lost 50 pounds in less than 25 days, went to his band rehearsal and no one noticed his weight loss. Here is what he wrote.

"I am on day 23. I have lost almost 50 pounds, now 292, down from 340. I was really surprised, I went to my band rehearsal tonight, the first one in 3 weeks and not a single member noticed I had lost weight. I didn't mention it. How fat do you have to be to lose 50 pounds and no one notices? Oh well, I have noticed. That is all that counts.

"By the way, one thing I noticed, I play guitar and piano. Obviously, I sit while playing piano and sometimes I sit while playing guitar, but tonight when playing guitar and standing, it was much more comfortable than it has been in years."

Well, first of all, congratulations on fighting the passion of obesity successfully. Keep going. Sometimes people don't want to comment about these things, especially when you lose weight so fast because most of them think it is because you are sick. You have to take this into consideration.

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Some people feel shy to mention weight loss to obese people. They don't know how sensitive obese people may be about the subject. So don't automatically judge people about why they didn't notice or perhaps thinking they may be jealous. Instead, keep focusing on yourself and try to lose more and maintain a healthy weight level.

One other person in the group wrote that she used to weight 330 pounds. "No one noticed until 270. After it noticeable it becomes more noticeable. Then, people notice every 10 lbs," wrote Donna in the group.

I wouldn’t let it discourage you. It definitely takes time for people to notice. And honestly, you are not losing weight to be noticed, but for your own health.

"I have lost about 40 pounds since June and I am pretty petite. People are just now starting to notice my weight loss. I have done it through water fasting. I also think sometimes people don’t feel too comfortable bringing it up. Just keep pushing and think how great it will feel when they all start telling how healthy you look as you keep progressing through your journey" wrote another member in the group named Krista.

Here is another good comment from a member, named Jean. "Don't take it personally, I was raised to never comment on someone's weight, period. It was rude. To comment on someone's weight loss meant that I thought they needed to lose weight in the first place, which I would never want to insinuate. Get your congratulations on here! And maybe given time they will feel comfortable enough to congratulate you too," Jean wrote.

Jerry didn't post before and after pictures. He wrote, he is not done yet.

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