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Look How Delighted This Toddler Is as Firefighters Rescue Him from Locked Car

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Child rescued from a locked car

Thank God it ended well for this toddler as he locked himself inside a car, but look how delighted he looks by the entire situation as firefighters in Cornwell, England are trying to rescue this 14-month-old little child.


His mother Kirsty Green, who posted this picture on Bud Community Fire Station's Facebook page, let her son Brandon in the backseat of her car to load her groceries into the trunk. But as it may happen, she accidentally left her car keys in the trunk along with the recently purchased groceries. Apparently this happened in a parking lot of a grocery store.

Mom tried to get into the car to open the trunk and get her keys. But the child was faster and as surprising as it may sound, activated the vehicle's central locking system. As a result he shut himself in.

Obviously the parent started to panic and called for help. The Bud Community Fire Station's firefighters came to the rescue and freed the boy.

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But the fun part, which made this story an international sensation (already covered in Netherlands, BBC and major US news outlets) is that the boy's attitude, his happy face and how delighted hi looks as the firefighters to try free him.

I have to admit, this is one of the best news stories I have seen and read about lately. Your son is adorable. Look at those happy cheeks. He looks as happy as he can be sitting in the front of that car.

Hi mom made this public status thanking the firefighters of her city for the amazing rescue. "Thank you to the amazing guys who rescued my cheeky monkey after locking himself in the car today at Bude Lid," Kirsty wrote on her Facebook page.

Image credit Kirsty Green Facebook, Bud Community Fire Station Facebook.

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