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Keto Gets Half Way, but Water Fasting Leads Him To 200 lb Weight Loss

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David Sandy Weight Loss

As fasting continues to spread, it's starting to rack up some really impressive and different transformation stories about weight loss. I discovered an impressive one last night on the Water Fasting for Weight Loss Facebook group. David Sandy graciously agreed to share his amazing weight loss story with eMaxHealth to inspire those who would like to lose weight.


Less than two years ago David Sandy had used KETO to reach a low of 355 lbs from a high of 440.

He had dieted to about that low many times over the past twenty years, but always found that diets not only stopped working, but made him feel cold, sick, and sleepy all the time as well. On the last round of dieting he tracked his TSH go from normal to hypothyroid levels over the year of KETO.

He found references to fasting helping blood sugar and found that 18 hours without eating could bring blood sugar from borderline high to normal. He knew that his insulin levels were several times lab normal and figured that if fasting could help blood sugar metabolism that fast maybe it could help with weight loss.

He then did a two and a half day fast and lost over ten pounds. He describes the first fast as his hardest ever; including a 20 day no calorie fast he did. He then kept going and figures he's done over 150 cumulative fasting dates since the first fast in January 2016.

Which Types of Fasting Get Better Results

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Now here's the interesting part. He doesn't follow a set protocol. Some fasts are no calorie liquids, some very low calorie, some are a couple days, and some have gone as 20 days. He finds the stricter fasts work better, but gets good results from most varieties of fasts and says the most important thing is to make progress. He does reckon that five to seven day fast constitute the bulk of his fasts. He also doesn't eat super healthy when not fasting. He does try to eat mindfully, but between trying to avoid the metabolic slowdown again and finding that being really strict dieting wise distracts from the fasting he that illustrates an essentially foodie approach when not fasting.

I'm not sure I agree with that, but it's certainly a very different approach than any other 190 lb weight loser.

Also, interesting is the lack of a strict fasting protocol. Scheduling his fasts as motivated and fitting into his social calendar also flies in the face of conventional wisdom. He describes the efficacy of fasting itself as providing more than sufficient motivation after a lifetime of failed diets that in his view provided marginal long term benefits at the cost of basically making him physically ill in the short term.

David states that his appetite started to radically decrease after about forty days of fasting and that now he can feel full for several days after a day or two of heavy eating. He also exercises regularly, even during long fasts. He's found that not being able to exercise makes fasting harder since the exercise counteracts the boredom.

David's currently at a weight of 250lbs and is preparing for his final leg to his goal of 12% body fat per DEXA. He had 205 lbs of lean body mass per dexa at 305 lbs so he reckons based on minimal muscle loss that his final weight will need to be from 210-225lbs. He's excited that a lifetime of weight training might finally get to show. If he's off, he'll just keep going.

David wants to encourage everyone who have found traditional dietary advice to be untenable to give fasting a good go and that it really is different. He says his life has changed completely not only health wise, but socially as well and that his lifetime of struggling with diets payed off in the end. He also feels that different things works for different people, so not to judge yourself by people who might need only need to eat somewhat healthy to lose weight. Give something a good go and if that doesn't work than try something else is his philosophy. If you want to follow the last leg of his journey, he keeps a blog called Prudently and an instagram @liveprudently.