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Keto Diet Pros and Cons

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Many people have shown an incredible transformation of losing lots of weight following the keto diet. Does it work for everyone? Here are the pros an cont of the Ketogenic diet shared by people who are trying to lose weight.


Cons - Keto diet is restrictive. Why restrict any food you love? You can have all the foods you love and be extremely successful with weight loss. You can only have limited carbs. So, Keto is a restrictive "diet." If you personally don't enjoy carbs or are fine without them, then yes this "diet" is great for you.

Pros - Keto diet achieves fast weight loss, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, energy, mental focus. No more aches, and pains. I personally haven't found any cons. I feel healthier then I have been in years.

Pros - Keto diet seems to work for most people.

Cons - I have heard many people gain weight back because they couldn't sustain the diet. The keto diet has to be followed correctly and the keto diet is not all about fats. It also has to do with lowering your carb intake to a minimum and increasing your fiber.

Pros - In some people's opinion, Keto is not restrictive. "For me, I did it as a vegetarian and felt very restricted. Plus I was having to cook so much more to feed dinner to the family," shared one woman who was following the ketogenic diet.

Pros and Cons - I do Keto. It works for me. Pros - losing weight fast. Cons - can gain weight back fairly quickly (depending on the person, of course.) I have been doing it for a year now and had a few months off from the diet. Gained about 7 pounds back. But I didn’t cut down on my carbs (lots of birthdays for our family and friends during those months).

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Cons - You always gain the weight back as soon as you go off it.

Cons - I did Keto when I started out. Was sick all the time. 2 months in my levels were checked and my doc and I decided that it wasn’t good for me. My cholesterol became higher and my blood pressure skyrocketed. I’m now doing a calorie deficit and am making great progress. When I went off Keto I gained 8 lbs back before I started calorie counting.

Cons - I lost weight on it but literally, my skin and hair got so oily and my face started breaking out in it. Ketosis makes your sweat and breath smell bad. I stalled out on weight loss. It was not worth it. Anything that shows that many red flags on the outside I don't even want to know what it was causing on the inside. Rather count calories and just worry about moderation and exercise.

Cons - Keto diet is bad for kidneys. Unless you are planning on doing for the rest of your life don't do it. If you eat meat it'll raise your cholesterol levels and someone telling you bacon is healthy should make you think twice. My blood work during keto showed several kidney issues at the least I was pretty severely dehydrated. Never had that problem before.

Pros and Cons - Just my personal experience. Pros - 1. Weight comes off fast 2. You eat a lot of fatty foods which taste good. Cons - 1. The weight comes back extremely fast if you stop. 2. Even a one-time “cheat” will throw you out of ketosis. 3. If you have gallbladder disease, it can cause problems.

Cons - One con is that its a life change, not just a diet you do until you lose the weight you want. You have to continue on the keto diet to constantly lose weight.

Points to ponder.

Do you have more pros and cons to add to keto diet's list of benefits?