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Is Keto Diet Expensive? Here Is How To Avoid Making It Expensive

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Keto Food Affordability

A follower of a Keto diet explains how to make Keto less expensive and now buy "keto-friendly" expensive foods. This article gives tips on how to make your Keto food more affordable.


I found myself really needing to say this out loud. I have noticed a lot of people saying the Keto diet is so expensive! Let's take a look at that statement.

Since I started ketovore/carnivore I actually save almost $400 a month on groceries. No more unhealthy snack foods and sugar-packed sodas, no more processed foods that leave me hungry and wanting more. No more monthly medications that were extremely high.

5 lbs of shrimp is 3 meals for $10. Steaks from Aldi $10 a lbs 2 meals. Frozen salmon is $10 and makes about 3 meals. Sardine in tuna a $1 for lunch, at the end of the day I probably eat $10 worth of food a day.

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I don't buy "Keto-friendly" foods, I just buy whole foods. My wife eats $5 worth of snacks and drinks alone, a day. And at the end of it, I am eating healthier. My food cost is way down and I pay for no medications or doctor bills.

So for those who say Keto is expensive look at the overall picture.

Dan Porter

I have to admit, Keto is kinda expensive when you’re first starting out because you have to replace almost all of your foo. You may need to repurchase your food if you are the only one in your family following a Keto diet. But if you do it as a family and follow Porter's tips, you should be able to follow Keto diet in an affordable way.

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