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Keto Diet Advice and Success Tips For Newbies from Veterans

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Keto Advice and tips for success

Do not quit Keto diet after few days on it because it takes few weeks of consistency to get into the keto zone, say long time keto dieters sharing advice and success tips for newbies on Keto Recipes Facebook group.


"First day jumping into keto. Any advice for a newbie?," asked a member in Keto Recipes group on Facebook looking for guidance and success tips from fellow veteran group members. Here are some useful advice for those who are new to keto diet and look for guidance.

Read and Watch About Keto Diet

Beverly Phillips Smith
Read as much as you can about keto diet. There are lots of great recipes available. Don't think of keto as a diet, but a way of eating that will benefit you in many ways. Avoid people that are selling products that promise you faster results. You don't have to purchase anything from anyone to get the results. So many people try to make money on selling products that really do nothing. Don't fall for it!

Tami Durham Stott
Watch some videos or read a book so you understand how it works : ) Its not a diet you are actually rewiring your body to use fat as fuel.

Aaron Farris
Ditch all the none keto items from your fridge and cabinets they will call to you. This is not hard to do with family and grandchildren. Stay strong.

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Rob Hutchinson
Don't get discouraged. If you have a bad day and eat something you should have just get up the next day and do better. If you stick with it, the diet works. Good luck we're all rooting for you!

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Robin Capfer
Eat the fat. The first few weeks you will feel like your eating is out of control. But you will be keeping your cravings at bay! Keep it simple and journal what u eat.

Some people suggest to endure keto flu and say that pickle juice is great for the keto flu. Others suggest not eating carbs and instead getting your electrolytes.

Popi Massey
I did a milder form of keto (80-85g of carbs and moderate fat but solid protein). Ate 6 times a day (2-3 hours between) and no exercise. Lost 49 pounds since Jan 1st.

Docia Lenz
In a typical day I have keto / fat coffee and generally only eat once or twice. I love bacon and eggs, so have that fairly regular for breakfast - often scrambled with just a bit of onion and peppers and topped with cheese. There are great recipes for low carb pancakes and waffles - had pancakes this morning. The entire batch just had 1/4 c of coconut flour so under 4 carbs for the entire batch of which I had approximately 1/3rd of them - with hot buttered sugar free syrup and a side of bacon!

We fix smoked pork steaks fairly regular for dinner typically with a side of cauliflower - make mock potato salad, twice baked cheesy cauliflower and/or a mock risotto rice all with cauliflower. Also make pizza a couple times a month with either a cauliflower or almond flour crust. I have also made a bacon wrapped meatloaf which was awesome!

I have used cauliflower also as rice to do a mock Spanish rice and stuffed bell peppers.

These are some useful suggestions that were shared on the group. If you are a long time Keto Diet user, what would be your advice for those who are new to Keto Diet?

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