John Goodman - How He Lost Over 100 Pounds

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John Goodman weight loss

John Goodman has struggled with his weight for decades, but the loveable 63 year old actor is no longer portly. Instead, the television and film actor is looking rather dashing. The new look is fabulous and opens the door for new rolls for Goodman who is actually fairly athletic, having played football in college. But, the weight loss didn’t happen overnight.


Goodman, who lives in New Orleans with his wife Anne Beth, admits his weight has yo-yoed over the years, and his drinking didn’t help. After graduation with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Missouri State University, where he played football on a scholarship and discovered drama, he moved to New York City hoping to start a career in acting. He worked as a bartender and doing bit parts, voiceovers, and commercials on the side. In 1983 his began getting parts in films, but his big break, which made him a television icon came in 1988 when he began playing Dan Conner the husband and father on the television sitcom, Roseanne.

“I'd get off of Roseanne every spring. I'd lose 60 pounds every spring but I'd gain it back and then some, every year,” he told David Letterman in 2011. At his heaviest Goodman topped the scales at 400 pounds but wasn’t happy.

Goodman admits he’s an alcoholic. "While acting in plays, "I'd have the shakes so bad I'd have to have a drink to get through the show. I'm lucky I never got fired." But in 2007, after drinking for over 30 years and bottoming out he went to the Promises Treatment Center in Malibu for treatment and has not had a drink since. He attends an AA meeting every morning.


So, what’s John Goodman's weight loss secret?

Goodman hired health coach and personal trainer, Mackie Shilstone. In addition to giving up alcohol he gave up sugar and gradually lost weight on a Mediterranean diet which consists mainly of fish, olive oil, vegetables and fruit. He attributes his success to becoming more active and focusing less on food.

In addition to diet, Goodman started working out 6 days a week and and tries to walk between 10,000 and 12,000 steps per day. With a new, healthier body and lifestyle, here’s hoping for both physical and career longevity.

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