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It Is So Wrong When LGBT-Supportive Parents Use Kids To Advance Their Imagination

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Parenting Issues

Today, as I was checking my Twitter, I saw a picture of two parents standing with their young son and holding posters that read "I love my gender creative son," and "My son wears dresses and makeup... get over it." It's sickening to see parents forcing their children to be gay and lesbian when they are not.


I found that picture accidentally when searching something else on Twitter. Actor James Woods tweeted it with a graphic message, making a point that this is wrong. Here is the tweet embedded below. It's so fightening to use children as a tool for things like this.

In my opinion these "parents," ruin the life of their child "with so much pride," as another Twitter used commented under Woods' tweet. In fact, Pediatricians already raise their voices against things like this, like this Pediatrician who says Transgenderism is a large scale child abuse.

Why are the parents proud of this? The child at this age doesn't even fully comprehend what is LGBT, being gay or lesbian. How can this make a parent happy?

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"Worst enemies their very young son can ever have! Wonder what all he is exposed to in that household! PLEASE Leave kids alone to be normal," replies another user named Maya Varma.

"That's right, they are sick. Just think how bad it must be to have to live with them" writes another user named Lynne Schollkopf.

"Using these kids to validate their own warped imaginations. Poor kid. No help or guidance , just confusion and uncertainty. Child abuse IMHO," writes Twitter user Christine Carpenter.

Here is another reply that again calls this a child abuse. "Child abuse. Make no mistake, this is child abuse at its worst. #Liberalismkills & is creating a generation of mentally sick & confused," twitter user writes.

I don't understand why anyone would want to mentally disturb their children to advance their cause. This is not selfless love.