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Is It Possible To Be 100% Vegan When You Unknowingly Eat Meat?

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Meat Pasta

To non vegans, it sounds silly. But when a vegan unknowingly eats meat or soup containing diary it's awful. It's painful physically, but even more so on an emotional level.


Today I read a story about a vegan guy who was horrified to discover he ate meat for the first time in 5 years after takeaway lentil pasta accidentally contained beef, reports Online Read.

If you are a vegan, has this ever happened to you? If yes, how did that happen?

On one hand genuine mistakes may happen. Yet, I would think that you would know the difference between meat and non meat before you eat it. I know many people would. You could at least smell the difference if are meat sensitive. It would be more difficult to recognize if the food is not vegan if it has dairy or cheese products mixed in it, but meat may be more visible.

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On the other hand, is it really possible to be 100% vegan in this day and age?

Some people say you can't be 100% vegan unless you are really careful with your life, decision making and grow your own food. Imagine this. You buy bread from the store, any store. But that bread has come from wheat that has been cut up by a giant machine that probably also got hundreds of rabbits, millions of ants, grasshoppers, spiders and may be even a deer or two.

If you are vegan you must do everything you can to be vegan. However, if you order some food in a restaurant and they bring it to you and it has cheese, well, if there's no way to get it to someone else, you may eat it. Which is better to eat it to to waste the food when 900 million people every day go hungry? What else is going to happen? Throwing it away is not a good option.

One vegan person said "I don't know what is more or less respectful toward the animal, though, eating its misery or allowing its misery to exist for no reason at all."