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Is It OK To Drink Flavored Water During Water Fasting?

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water fasting with lemon water

To meet the challenges of water fasting, some people like to know if adding flavor to your water is OK during water fasting. Here is why it's not recommended.


The point of water fasting is to give your body and metal systems a rest from food to stimulate their self-healing properties. However, this can't happen if you are stimulating it with supplements and chemicals, which may not even be healthy.

Fasting means being hungry and you need to accept it, as well as the weakness that comes with being hungry to let your body rest. Once you realize that, you will know that during water fasting putting anything in your body is detrimental to the fast and its benefits.

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Using tea or a lemon water is more acceptable than flavored water. The closer to pure water the better, but some people use coffee, green teas and water infused with lemon, lime, cucumber. This seems to help them stay with water. "I find the closer I stay to pure water the faster I get to ketosis and the easier it is in the long run," writes Donna in Water Fasting Support Group on Facebook.

If you are doing more than 24 hour water fasting, the first 72 hours seem to be the most challenging. But if you can get passed that time the craving subsides. If you are new to water fasting, simply start small and work up to the longer fasts. Gain a fair bit of experience and lots of knowledge before attempting the long water fasts unsupervised.

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But what if you drink plain 0 kcal tea? is that going to mess with the ketosis while fasting?