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If You Are Trying To Clean Up Your Diet, Drink a Smoothie a Day

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Blueberry Smoothie

Two-time breast cancer survivor and wellness writer Caryn Sullivan shares some 'health hacks' for the summer months with CT Style. My favorite is about a smoothie a day. She says if you are trying to clean up your diet, drink a smoothie a day.


Why smoothie a day to clean up your diet?

"Because you pack in so many nutrients just in that jar alone," says Sullivan in her interview with CT Style.

The good thing about smoothies is that they are portable. She says making a smoothie on-the-go is one of her favorite summer health hacks.

"I make them the night before -- I make them several nights before -- and I'll put them in the freezer," Sullivan explained. "You pull them out in the morning and in the afternoon, they're defrosted, and you've got your smoothie."

My wife does the same. She makes her health drinks the night before and puts them in the fridge.

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Our kids love them too. We have taught them to eat vegetables from the early age as we ourselves have been regular vegetable eaters.

"I get kids especially my own to eat smoothies by putting them in a bowl and calling it smoothie ice cream," Sullivan says, explaining how she gets her kids to like vegetable and fruit smoothies.

Another benefit of a smoothie is that it doesn't take as long as you might think to up your activity level when you need more energy.

Banana-Cherry Green Smoothie Recipe For Healthy Diet: Blend your banana and berries with some water and then add your greens. Good choices for mild greens that you will not even taste in your smoothie include some chopped romaine lettuce, a small head of baby bok choy, or a few handfuls of baby spinach. If you use a Vita-mix or other high-speed blender, the greens get completely blended in (this is a great way to get your kids to secretly eat some healthy veggies, by the way). Kale is incredibly nutritious and is a wonderful addition to a green smoothie, too.

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Do you often use smoothies in your to clean up your diet? Please let us know in the comments section fo discussion. Also, if you found this summer hack helpful, please share with a health-conscious friend.

In the image of this story, you see a blueberry smoothie. Can you please propose your own recipe of a blueberry recipe in the comments section below? Let's see how many variations we will get.