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If You Are Fasting For Weight Loss Here Is How To Make It More Tolerable

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It is unfortunate that true spiritual fasting is losing its spiritual dimension and is reduced to mere diet for weight loss. But if you are using fasting to curb your obesity or lose weight these tips are given by people already fasting to make fasting more tolerable or so that you can extend its period.


Fasting has many good benefits, both spiritual and obesity related. See this surprising study results, which show how extended fasting, timed meals might fight obesity. But you get hungry during fasting. What activities can one do to make extended fasting more tolerable and to forget about hunger during fasting.

For many people, who keep fasting for spiritual reasons, to achieve higher level of humility and love of God, prayer is the main means. The more you pray during fasting the less hunger you feel. This is because your mind is fully occupied by thoughts, which are about God and beyond this world. Therefore, worldly and bodily desires, such as hunger for food subside during prayer. If you are a Christian, pray as often as you possibly can. The more the better.

Keep Yourself Busy

Some people, who fast regularly for weight loss, say that keeping yourself busy helps to make fasting more tolerable. Being busy at work distracts from hunger. Vigorous exercise helps reduce hunger and depletes glycogen, but I don't know how can one exercise vigorously if that person is fasting and weak. I would just say, keep yourself busy to distract your mind from food.

Strengthen Your Mind

One person, named Justin, from Water Only Fasting group on Facebook, gave this advice. It's very interesting regarding the idea of strengthening your mind during fasting and I am quoting it below. "If you were in line at the DMV and you had to wait a really long time and an old man was excessively complaining, and a kid was hitting your leg with a toy, and somebody was talking about horrible things on their phone etc... If u had to wait hours and hours in this really uncomfortable environment for a duration of time, and you had to wait it out to get your vehicle legal. How would you make that more tolerable?

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"Fasting is a great tool to strengthen the mind. It's like most uncomfortable situations. You know you will be fine. You just have to learn to be at peace when things seem chaotic or unpleasant. Water fasting produces a large number of inevitable symptoms, and there is no way around it. Just rest, drink water, and strengthen your mind. The best way to make it more tolerable is to learn to adapt to be more tolerable. It took a number of fasts to learn this. This is one of the biggest benefits of fasting. Ingesting things to make fasting 'more tolerable', only prevents you from getting the benefit of becoming more tolerable," writes Justin, adding that he hops this all makes good sense.

During Fasting Watch a Movie or a Video About Spiritual Life

Plan on laying around and watching movies and read the Bible or a good book. I found prayer videos and meditations about spiritual life helpful along with daily naps. You don't have to do exercise, but rest completely to heal best. Not sure how anyone could even think about exercising. I could barely make a walk to the car without feeling like I needed to be back in bed.

Identify Your Motivation for Fasting

The most important thing is identifying your motivation for fasting. Once you identify your motivation, you need to schedule a time when you can rest. If you are a college student or a busy mom, schedule your fasting for those days when you have fewer or no classes, or when your husband can help you with cooking. Finally, learn as much as you can about fasting. see the files section.

Do Worthwhile Projects

Do good works. Help the needy or do some worthwhile projects. If nothing to do, replant your garden. There are lots of YouTube videos on fasting and related activities that you can watch and learn.

See how two short water fasts for weight loss and changes in diet produced amazing results in this woman. How does your fasting look like? What results have you had?