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I may never get rid of cancer, but cancer will have to learn to live with me

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Breast Cancer

These are some very powerful words from a breast cancer survivor, which she shared on her Facebook group that may inspire other people who battle against breast cancer or any other types of cancer. Here is a segment from from Laura Hughes Facebook status.


Over the worst of the side effects and hoping to enjoy the weekends sunshine. I still have a week to go where my immune system is compromised but I'm hoping I will be able to keep any bugs at bay and remain stable.

Next CT scan is Tuesday and will hopefully reveal the chemo has done a treat and removed all those pesky cancer cells from my spine and pelvis. Won't know results until the 25th so I have just got to keep positive.

And with turning 29 on Wednesday (yep gone through all this and not even 30 yet) I'm hoping this will be my year. My year of fun, my year of as good a health I can have, my year of lots of nice treats and my year of living again.

I may never get rid of cancer now but cancer will have to learn to live with me and put up with my lifestyle as I won't be that person to put my life on hold for anyone or anything.

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Reference: Laura Breast Cancer Journey.

Yesterday Laura updated her status that she is now finally "at the end of what has seemed forever going through chemotherapy. Today is the last day of my 3 weeks since last treatment so now just waiting for my scan results on Tuesday."

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