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I am new dealing with my husband's Alzheimer's, went to a public place and broke down crying

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Copying with Alzheimer's Husband

"I am new dealing with my husband's memory issues and the results. Last week was a particular hard morning but I told myself I need to get out for at least 30 minutes. I went to a public place and for some reason just broke down crying. I was so embarrassed, I could not move to get to my car I was so distraught and stood there and cried. People saw me. How do I get over the embarrassment? I also don’t want to repeat it."


Dealing with a loved one's Dementia and memory loss is a very tough thing to do in this life. I read this emotional cry this morning on Alzheimer's And Dementia Support group on Facebook. How do you respond someone in a similar situation? Is loved-one's memory loss an embarrassment? I don't think so. We all get sick and need to have understanding and compassion toward one another.

Here are several supportive responses from the group members who are Alzheimer's caregivers themselves.

It happens, it just does. I broke down the other day on an airplane, almost hyperventilating. Thank God it was dark and I hope I hid it well. Sending a hug. - Katie

It's most definitely OK to do that and so many people are compassionate and loving when they see someone hurting. Do what you need to do to get you through this. I still cry a lot. I don't have children of my own and moved to Georgia to be near my brothers and sisters when my husband retired in 2008. My husband and I are here in GA alone with his Alzheimer's disease because I have lost 8 loved ones in the last 5 years. You can do it. Much love and understanding you you my friend. - Sandy

Don't Be Embarrassed To Cry

Never be embarrassed about your feelings! We all have moments where we need to cry. hugs. - Ti

I would consider you unique if you did not cry. Any where will do. Anywhere. - Dolores

I am crying just reading this. You need to let it out. - Sandy

Embarrassed? No reason to be embarrassed of your husband's Alzheimer's disease. You are just taking care of you. - Mary

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Crying is a way to cope with difficulties and teaches us patience. You may want to go to a gym. Sometimes doing the right exercise can help. - Sarah

In Person Support Group

It's OK to let it out. My mother is in a nursing facility and still I cry often. It's hard seeing her slowly slipping. I am looking for an in person support group in my area. Have you considered that? This site is so wonderful and the people are very kind, loving and supportive, but I think many also need face to face time with people. Also, you need to engage in regular self-care. When my mom was living with me, my health became affected, and I was always snapping at people and letting my anger out at innocent people. I couldn't get angry at her when she did things as it wasn't her fault. I soon realized I needed to schedule time for myself, and wow did it help me a great deal. I am here if you ever want to vent. Even PM I don't mind talking privately with anyone who wants to. Hang in there, and take time for you. Hugs. - Theresa

It is OK to cry. No need to feel embarrassed at all. It is so painful sometimes you just break down. But go easy on yourself. This is the hardest journey in the word. - Sue

Tears Cleanse our Hearts and Minds

Bless you. Tears are what cleanses our minds, body and soul. Cry an ocean, but never be embarrassed. Friend me and I will give you my number, we can cry together. I am 59 and was just diagnosed, so I have a lot to cry about too. - Nancy

It's not easy to care for someone you love and care about knowing they will never be in the same frame of mind again and they might remember who you are one day and forget who you are the next day. I understand how you feel. Lots of hugs. - Sue

I did same at a doctor's appointment. I was so mad at myself for looking weak! It sucks, but just let it go and don't be surprised if it happens again. It sucks, but sometimes you just gotta let it go. - Renee


Prayer helps. We need to pray more often. Pray daily and it helps. It gives you strength. Your loves one will never be the same in this life, but he or she will be transformed and renewed in the life to come, if you have lived a life of repentence.

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