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How You Can Eat Vegan Sandwiches at Subway

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Vegan Sandwich

Subway gets a lot of flack, but it's a godsend when on the road if you are a follower of a vegan diet. If you get a sandwich loaded with veggies and some vegan sauces it's pretty good. I think the Dijon mustard plus sweet onion go really well together, with spices and such if you want.


Several times a month I travel out of the state and have a vie hour drive. If you are looking for a good vegan sandwich Subway is the place to stop on the road.

I usually tell them that I am looking for a wheat bread loaded with all types of vegetables that they have. Then I ask them to put some salt and pepper as well as olive oil and vinegar. That is already tasty enough. You can, of course, use some of their sauces that have no animal origin. Those you can do according to your taste.

"No meat?" asks the Subway employ. "No," I reply. "Not even cheese," I am asked again. "No, thank you," I reply.

You will be surprised how good those sandwiches are. You will probably love Subway's sweet onion.

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People say some Subways have Violife cheese, which is a vegan cheese, and that it is amazing. I haven't tried them yet, so that's why I am not giving my opinion on that.

Alternatively, you can also order a salad sandwich as part of a meal deal. Load up with what you like. For example, lots of onion, carrot and sweetcorn, a bit of lettuce. Add a vegan sauce like I mentioned above. Grab your drink and a bag of crisps and enjoy a crisp sandwich with loads of extras.

Or Make Your Own Vegan Sandwich At Home

Some people, who oppose the fast food restaurants say, eat in Subway if you want to support crude fast food that don't care about anything except money. Instead you can make a sandwich for yourself in the same amount of time and have the food be fresh. This is an opinion that can be understood too. But what to do when you are traveling long distance?

If your local Subway has a falafel, go for it with avocados. You can get the falafel sub with avocado veggies and buffalo sauce. They must be really good.

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And they vegan sandwiches at Subway are much cheaper. I believe they charge like around 3 dollars for a foot long healthy vegan sandwich. This is a great deal. Eat healthy and pay less.
I went tonight and bought a 6 inch. It was 4.95.
Subway, Wendy’s, and Taco Bell are my go to fast food when need be. Subway I get all the veggies plus sweet onion sauce. Wendy’s power Mediterranean salad is my favorite! Just without chicken and without cheese. Taco Bell I get a crunchwrap with no meat, no cheese, and no sour cream, add rice, add black beans, add pico, add guac I don’t eat them often but sometimes it’s necessary
I don't know if this will help, but besides the nice restaurant ideas others are giving, would it be possible for you to purchase a battery operated blender, or maybe one that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket. Buy a nice assortment of tasty produce, keep in a cooler and some bottled water, and you might be able to have a smoothie snack along the way.